Friday, August 26, 2011

Contest Time - Cactus Country Anthology Giveaway

At critique group last Tuesday, Lou Turner from High Hill Press surprised us by handing out contributor copies of Cactus Country (Volume I). Cactus Country is "an anthology of Western stories, poetry, articles and artwork from the authors and artists who know the West."

I'm so excited to have my short story "Bridie O'Shea's Golden-Haired Visitor" in the anthology. Other contributors include Spur Award winning writers Dusty Richards, Jory Sherman, Max McCoy, and other esteemed writers.

My excitement is shared with members of our Coffee and Critique group with stories in the anthology: Lou Turner, Doyle Suit, Bill Mueller, and Claudia Shelton. It's so much fun to be published in the same anthology with other writing friends.

When Lou gave me my copy I asked for an additional copy to give away on my blog. Of course she said "Sure!"

So, thanks to Lou, I'm giving away a copy of Cactus Country (Volume I) signed by Spur Award Winning writer Dusty Richards (and me if you want me to sign my name by my story).

One lucky visitor to my blog will win. Here's how:

   * Post a comment by September 1.
   * Mention your favorite cowboy or Western series or movie.
   * Become a new follower of my blog (be sure and let me know you are a new follower) for an extra chance to win
   * Current followers, post a link to this giveaway on your blog for an extra entry-be sure and let me know.
   * Don't forget to include your e-mail in your comment so I'll know how to contact you if you win.

One winner will be selected at random on Sep 1. Winner's name will be announced on Sep 2.

*Contest limited to legal residents of the United States over age 18.

My favorite cowboy? Clint Eastwood in the TV series "Rawhide" and every Western movie with his name attached.

How about you?


  1. Hey Donna! That's great! I so wanted to submit a story, too, but my brain just couldn't come up with a Western-type story!

    I'll definitely join in for your give-away and I'll let you know when I do post about it.

    Congrats on your publication!

  2. Hi Bcky,
    Thanks! We missed you on Tuesday, and I'm glad to hear your granddaughter is doing better.

  3. Note: Don't forget to mention your favorite cowboy or Western series or movie.

  4. Count me in for the drawing!How can I choose one favorite? When I was very, very young I loved the series Broken Arrow with Michael Anasara playing Choise and someone else playing Tom Jeffords Indian Agent. Ah Choise's lips! Anasara wasn't even close to a Native People though!

  5. My favorite cowboy? Well, let's see. I like John Wayne and how about Little Joe on Bonanza. congratulations on having your story in the anthology.

  6. I'm going to step out here and say my favorite sci-fy cowboy is Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion, on Firefly. It is an outerspace, western that ran one season around 2003.

  7. Hi Donna!
    I grew up with John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, so either one of them work for me.


  8. Hi Bookie,
    Broken Awrow. I remember that one.

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks! The Duke has lots of fans.

    Hi Sally,
    Never heard of Firefly, but it sounds interesting.

    Hi MaDonna,
    Yep. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood made great cowboys.


  9. My favorite cowboy was Roy Rogers, such a nice man in the movies and in real life. I visited his museum years ago in Apple Valley. CA. I understand that it has moved to Branson.
    It would be a pleasure to read this book, as I recognize a lot of names.

  10. I am all linked up and entering, as it looks like a great book! I have to go with Bonanza as an all-time favorite!

  11. Oh, Donna, I'm not a western fan. I don't know any western movies. Oh wait, I'm not sure it's a western but it's called The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) with Humphrey Bogart. I loved that film. It shows what greed can do. That's the only one I can think of. I have probably seen more, I just can't remember any that weren't comedies like Back to the Future or Shanghai Noon.

  12. Congrats on being included in the book! :) I always liked any western with Jimmy Stewart in it. He is a big fave of mine in nearly any movie.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    Have a good weekend!

  13. Donna, my all time favorite has to be "Lonesome Dove." Robert Duvall at his best!

  14. Donna, are you okay? Haven't seen you in blogland since you posted this! I hope all is well with you and you family!

  15. Hi Donna! I swear I left a comment here...but it must be lost in blogland! I had said that my favorite was Maverick...the old TV show, with James Garner! Thanks for having the give-away!

  16. Hi Linda,
    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, what a classic pair. I remember watching their show when I was little.

    Hi Tammy,
    Bonanza is another good one.

    Hi Clarissa,
    Humphrey Bogart had star quality, no matter what movie he was in.

    Hi Karen,
    Jimmy Stewart. Yup. A good one!

    Hi Becky,
    Welcome back, and thanks for asking about me. All is well; it's just been a busy week. My mom loved watching anything with James Garner in it, and I liked Maverick too!


  17. Yes, yes, I know I'm late. But I HAD to say ditto to Clint Eastwood, anywhere. Anytime. :-)

  18. Hi Cathy,
    Oh, yeah. Clint is the best. When he is on the screen I'm mesmerized.


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