Friday, September 14, 2012

Calls for Submissions: Be Quick on the Draw for These Contests

Recently I've learned about two writing contests with short deadlines and no entry fees.

The first was sent to me by Coffee and Critique group writing pal, Marcia Gaye. The Poetry in Motion Contest is sponsored by the Metro Arts in Transit and Poetry Society of America. Entrants for the Poetry in Motion Contest must be residents within 50-mile radius of St. Louis. Multiple winners will receive a $50 award and be invited to read their poems at a ceremony in November. The contest deadline is 5 p.m. September 24, 2012.

Lou Turner, my dear friend and publisher of High Hill Press, e-mailed me about the "The Greatest Western Never Told" four-sentence contest sponsored by HHP and Brett Cogburn. Western stories of no more than four sentences are eligible. Winner (or winners) will receive their pick of one of Cogburn's books and inclusion in a future Cactus Country anthology. Deadline is September 23.

Good luck if you enter, but remember -- be quick on the draw!


  1. Four sentences, you say. Well that should be easy for a children's writer. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. Thanks for the info.

  2. Donna, sounds like an interesting challenge. Less is more. By the way, liked the quick on the draw comment!

  3. Isn't that four line western a kick! I must think and soon!!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder about the poetry contest. How about you, Donna? Are you submitting a poem?

  5. Hi Alice,
    Give it a shot!

    Hi Claudia,
    Yep. it is a kick.

    Hi Sioux,
    Honestly I don't submit to many of the contests or submission call outs i post here. Not enough time. ;<

  6. I've been kicking around a couple of ideas ever since Lou sent out that email. Flash fiction is fun!

    Critter Alley

  7. Four sentences! I suppose a meandering, long-winded, parenthetical style would defeat the purpose. Not that I write that way, of course...

  8. Hi Pat,
    It is fun, but challenging--at least for me.

    Hi Val,
    Go for it!


  9. The Poetry in Motion project is so cool! Poems posted on metro buses and trains for the amusement and enlightenment of commuters. What a fantastic use of language. The past winners are on on the website and some are just lovely.

    I wrote my 4 sentence westerns but Val has a point about my rambling style. Brett's example is certainly brief. I feel a re-write coming on.

  10. Four sentences! Well, you know how I love flash fiction. Thanks for the "head's up" on this. I'll have to give it a go. :)

  11. Hi Marcia,
    It is a cool project.

    Re-write is my middle name.

    Hi Lisa,

    You are a flashionista! Go for it!


  12. FOUR sentences??? That's not flash--that's fla. :-)

    (Saw Lisa's comment right above--I don't stand a chance with her hand on the draw! ;-)


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