Wednesday, September 12, 2012

After the Drought Comes . . . Mushrooms

Weather has been weird this year in Missouri.

Winter was mild and we didn't get much snow. Early spring brought a lot of hail and storms and damage to my new car.

Then came summer's record-breaking hot temperatures and drought that made going outside a "hot mess." Inside wasn't much better. I felt like a slug. Keeping cool was my priority; my writing production slowed down.

But last week, as Hurricane Hugo swirled from the southeast to the northwest, it rained. When the sun came out again, the humidity returned. Still, it was a welcome break from the dry spell we've been having.

After the rain I took a walk and spotted mushrooms popping up on lawns all around our neighborhood. Later on I hopped in the car and brought along my camera. I clicked a photo of three mushrooms in a neighbor's yard. 

The mushrooms look like a sideways snowman to me.

Seeing snowmen-mushrooms pop up got me to thinking that after a dry spell of writing, change can produce unexpected surprises because, just under the surface, something new is waiting to be born.


  1. Love the photo, Donna! It looks like a big white bug to me! It just needs some antennae on it! :)

  2. Indeed. My granddaughter thinks fairies live under all those toadstools :)

  3. Hi Becky,
    You're right; it does kind of look like a bug.

    Hi Linda,
    A vivid imagination is a gift! Congratulations to your granddaughter for having one.


  4. It's good to see that the cooler weather has done its job to perk up all of us...including the mushrooms!

    Critter Alley

  5. What a wonderful connection you made to writing, Donna. (And that mushroom snowman is one fun-guy.)

  6. Mmm...mushrooms. Our old school custodian used to talk about harvesting them in the woods. I would poison myself if I tried that.

  7. Hi Pat,
    The cooler weather is most welcome.

    Hi Sioux,
    Aww. Thanks, and he is fun, isn't he?

    Hi Val,
    My hubby loves to hunt for morels in the spring. I'm not that adventurous.


  8. Weird weather is right! Great picture. My first thought was that they were the papa, mama and baby shrooms. :}

  9. We are getting some rain and cooler temps, both so welcome. We have been getting out and walking more, I love the fall.

    1. Hi Sally,
      Yay for the cooler weather.
      I'm with you about loving the fall.

  10. neat picture. There is a house down the road from us that has had mushrooms growing along their sidewalk a couple of times in the past month or so. What is unique about it is that they are huge. Probably a half dozen of huge mushrooms, they almost look unreal.

  11. I saw some of the biggest mushrooms ever at my husband's business, but before I could get a picture the lawn service came...

  12. Hi Janet,
    Many of the ones poping up around her are huge too.

    Hi Lynn,
    Darn it. Too bad the lawn service is so prompt. ;-)



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