Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Storm Country Anthology to benefit Joplin School District Libraries

It's hard to believe it's been more than three months since the killer tornado touched down and destroyed much of the city of Joplin, Missouri. Since then, the Joplin Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild, officers of MWG, and members of the regional writing community have been working on ways to help replace books lost because of the tornado. One way the MWG is contributing to the effort, which I blogged about last May, is the publication of the Storm Country Anthology.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Deborah Marshall, President of the Missouri Writers' Guild, informing me that my short story, "Golden Lilacs Under the Worm Moon," has been selected to be included in the Storm Country Anthology .  

I was excited to learn my story will be included, and even more excited after I read the names of the other contributors, which include several writing friends, blogger buddies--and some famous writers and poets.

Claudia Mundell, President of the Joplin Chapter of the MWG--and the person who came up with the idea for an anthology--will have a piece called "Weather Tantrum" included in the anthology.

Other writing friends and blogger buddies whose works will be included are Pat Wahler, Linda O'Connell, and Lynn Obermoeller.

Some of the writers and poets I know or have met whose works are included are: Susan Swartwout from Southeast Missouri University Press; Linda Fisher from Mozark Press; Kelli Allen, editor of Natural Bridge; mystery writer Elaine Viets, and Walter Bargen, Missouri's first poet laureate. 

I'm looking forward to buying copies of the anthology to read and keep in my own library and to give away as gifts to family and friends.  All proceeds from the anthology go toward buying books for the Joplin School District libraries to help replace the books lost by the killer tornado that hit Joplin last May.

You can find a complete list of contributurs at the Storm Country blog. Maybe you'll recognize some names I haven't listed today. Congratulations to everyone whose works will appear in the anthology, which is slated to be published in October.

Special thanks to Claudia and the Joplin Chapter, along with MWG officers Debbie Marshall, Kelli Allen, and Susan Kirkpatrick, and anyone else who worked behind the scenes to make Storm Country: A Tribute to Joplin a reality.

When I find out more details about the release date I will post them here.


  1. Congratulations, Donna! Love the title of your story.

  2. What a wonderful way to help. Blessings on all those who have taken the time to put this anthology together and contribute. I'll look forwards to reading it.

  3. I am definitely intrigued by the title of your piece, Donna. Congratulations!

  4. Hi Madeline,

    Hi Sally,
    Thank you.I hope the anthology generates a lot of money for the libraries.

    Hi Sioux,
    Thanks. It is an unusual title, but it fits with the story.


  5. Yes, that is a very interesting title. What they are doing is great and I wish them success.

  6. Congratulations!
    And what a wonderful thing the Missouri Writers are doing.

  7. Hi Janet,
    Thanks. I hope the anthology sells well.

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks. It is a wonderful thing they're doing. I'm proud to be a part of it.

  8. Donna,
    I am so excited to be in this book with all of you. Your title, I can't wait! Linda O'Connell

  9. Congrats! I am looking forward to reading your story...the title is very intriguing! =)

  10. Congrats, Donna and Linda. My poem was chosen also and I'm so honored for it to be in with your work and that of the famous Walter Bergen and Elaine Viets. I must find out what a worm moon is.

  11. Hi Linda,
    It's good to be in another anthology together, just like "Flashlight Memories."

    Hi MaDonna,
    Thanks. The title sounds weird but it fits the story.

    Hi Linda,
    Congratulations on having your poem selected. It is so cool that we all will be in the same anthology with some famous folks!


  12. Hey Donna! Congrats to you and the writers I know and love! :)

  13. Thanks, Becky. Love the new look of your blog; it's so YOU!

  14. Congratulations Donna! What an honor to be with you and other fine writers I know and love. You said it so well, I will be linking your blog from my blog.

  15. Congratulations to Donna, Pat and Linda and all who not only won, but who've contributed to a good cause. Alice (who's email is not recognized for some reason???)

  16. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks! I can't wait to read your piece.

    Hi Alice (Anonymous),
    Thanks. I don't know why Blogger is picking on you. It's so wrong.



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