Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Signing at Main Street Books in St. Charles this Saturday

Whenever I visit St. Charles, one of my favorite places to drop in is Main Street Books.

Main Street Books is an independent book store located in historic St. Charles, Missouri, not far from the banks of the Missouri River. As well as being an author herself, Main Street Book Store owner Vicky Erwin is a tireless champion for local writers.

This coming Saturday, October 1, Vicky has rolled out the carpet again by hosting a book signing for three local writers: Linda O'Connell, Sheree Nielsen, and Faye Adams.

I know all three women,  and most of you probably recognize the name Linda O'Connell. Linda is a blogger buddy and a frequent visitor to Donna's Book Pub.  

Linda, Faye, and Sheree have works included in the "Nurturing Paws" Anthology. The anthology, published by Whispering Angel Books, is described as "an uplifting collection of more than 80 short stories and poems celebrating the remarkable ability of animals to ease our physical and emotional pain while showing us love, compassion, and acceptance."

Here are details about the event: 

Who: Linda O'Connell, Sheree Nielsen, and Faye Adams

What: Author event and book signing of "Nurturing Paws" anthology

When: Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. 

Where: Main Street Books, 307 S. Main Street in St. Charles, MO

Why: To introduce readers to the "Nurturing Paws" anthology, encourage local writers, and support training doogs that help the disabled.

Note: In an e-mail I received from Faye Adams, I found out that a portion of the proceeds will go to help train dogs that help the disabled.

If you are from the metro-St. Louis/St. Charles area I hope you can make it.  If you live too far away, you can order "Nurturing Paws" on line.

I already have a full schedule on Saturday (a football game, a wedding, and a reception), so I doubt if I'll be able to make the signing, but I'll be cheering the women on from the sidelines.


  1. One more reason to wish I were more EAST!!! Love independent books stores! They have character!

  2. Donna, I sincerely thank you. When I first read this, I thought YOU were doing an event too. One day, we will pull it off.

  3. Hi Claudia,
    You should visit us sometime!

    Hi Linda,
    You are so welcome. Sorry I can't be there on Saturday. Maybe some day we will do a signing together.


  4. I'm not in the area, but congratulation to the three writers!

  5. Hi Janet,

    Hi Vicky,
    You are welcome. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Wish I could be there.


  6. Thanks so much Donna, appreciate it! Sheree

  7. Hi Sheree,
    You are welcome. Hope you ladies have a great time.

  8. Sorry I missed it. With the beautiful weather on Saturday I'll bet they had a huge crowd!


  9. Hi Pat,
    I heard they sold out of books. Isn't that great!

  10. Sorry this is a late post. But, yes, we did sell out of books and Vickie said she was ordering more!


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