Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get Ready to Write - Good Housekeeping Short Story Contest

Over the past few weeks two writers (both men) have forwarded this Good Housekeeping Short Story contest announcement to me, so I think they might be hinting for me to enter.

I also thought it would be a good idea to share the contest information with Donna's Book Pub visitors and writing friends.

Here are the basics:

Short story - as in FICTION

Story must reflect lives of women today

Must be 21 years old to enter

Legal resident of US or DC

Max word count: 3,500

Only 1 entry per person

Submission period Jul 1, 2011 until Sep 1, 2011

Grand prize: $3,000

Runners up: $750

Possible publication

Winners notified by Feb 15, 2012

To read last year's winning entries and contest official rules, visit the Good Housekeeping Short Story Contest website.

Good luck!


  1. I have never had the privilege of reading one of your short stories, but I love your memoir pieces.

    Go! Go for it! Don't be a weinie!

    And if you can write a story convincingly enough that you--along with others--succumb to sobbing, you've got a genuine gift.

  2. Hi Sioux,
    You are so sweet. Your essay yesterday about Bobbie and Buttons had me blinking back tears a time or two.
    Hope you follow through and submit. I think it's a winner!

  3. Hi Donna! Thanks for posting this. It is yet again, another contest that I think about trying to write something for...and then never do. I swear, this summer I'm going to be different! I'll give it a try! Check back on me, ok?

  4. The one short story I wrote and entered won an honorable mention in the contest but it was 7000 words. Writing even shorter seems so daunting. I'm with Becky, I think I should try and then don't. I guess I'm the weinie.

  5. Hi Becky,
    What have you got to lose? Give it a shot.

    No to whine, well maybe just a little--I barely have time to keep up with my deadlines--don't ask about the e-mail i got last night from my editor about a deadline I missed this week.

    Hi Sally,
    Yay for your honorable mention. Writing 7,000 words is an accomplishment.

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I'm like Becky, I always think about submitting and then don't, maybe this one will be the one to break my bad habit. Good luck if you decide to enter!

  7. Thanks, Julie. You should try it. With two months to submit you have some time!

  8. Well, here's my trick, ladies, to submitting: I send in the story that didn't win the last contest I entered.

    I've got some stories that are 4 years old. :-)

    (But I've got a fairly fresh one for this contest. Thanks for the tip, Donna! Now, dust off those stories and I'll see y'all in the Winner's Circle!)

  9. Hey Cathy,
    Thanks for the trick tip.
    I've done that on a few things that judges commented were thisclose to winning--polished them, revised and revised some more--and they won!

    If I've read the guidelines correctly for this contest, the story has to be one that has never won in a contest before.

    It would be awesome to win--either myself or one of my friends!


  10. Thanks for sharing. Boy with all these opportunities, hopefully I'll get something in! Good luck!

  11. WOW! You are so generous with sharing writing opportunities! This is a great one, Donna! My fingers are crossed for YOU to win! Have a fabulous 4th, and write on!

  12. I'm with Cathy--it's all a matter of opinion! Thanks so much for sharing yet another good one. And good luck!

  13. Thanks for posting this, Donna. I don't think I have anything ready, but I'm going to look around in my files for something I can work on.


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