Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Earthquake, A Heat Wave, Cicadas- What's Next?

Last month Missouri experienced deadly twisters.

This week we're having historic heat. Yesterday was a scorcher, and today is going to bring near record-breaking temperatures again.

Then early this morning a 4.2 earthquake shook. Not huge by many standards, but rare for this area. The epicenter was in Sullivan, MO.

Oh, and the cicadas are making their 13-year appearance. It gets noisy at night.

And parts of the Missouri River are expected to flood this month--the worst in over 50 years.

Have I missed anything?

While this wacky weather isn't pleasant, I already have ideas for a couple short stories where the weather plays a part.

How about you? Does the weather help create story ideas?


  1. I think the heat helps me write. I draw the drapes, make sure the fan/a.c. is on, and "hibernate" in the house, hunched over my laptop.

  2. Weather gives me ideas and motivates me. Different weather for different things. Glad the earthquake wasn't more severe.

  3. Ack! Donna, hang in there! :)

    Weather can set the mood, the tone and/or be the impetus for some event in the plot. No two people are going to experience the same storm, the same heat, the same earthquake, etc the same way and yet everyone is connected by it somehow, to some degree.

    (I'm not even sure if that made sense. I think the heat is melting my brain...) :)

  4. Geez Louise, those earthquakes in Missouri are getting a little stronger aren't they? I think a big Mo quake is something we are all refusing to think about when it is very possible!Scary...the earth's temperment is scary anymore on everything.

  5. It seems to be giving us all great settings for ideas. :) Hope your dishes are still intact. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. The weather has never been a factor although I have always liked the opening, "On a dark and stormy night. . ." Just today a cleaning product has sparked a story idea, who'd a' thought?

  7. The weather reminds me of other people's stories. Heat makes me think of The Stand, A Map of the World, and One Second After. Snow makes me think of The Shining and To Build a Fire.

    I just missed the earthquake. I didn't go to bed until 2:45 a.m. My mom told me this morning that it happened a little after 3:00.

  8. I'll tell you this much. I finally admitted defeat and turned on the air conditioning and my mind cleared and I was able to think again. So maybe I'll get a little writing done for a change. The sweltering heat was not helping one little bit! (Even though I love having all the windows open when I can.)

  9. Hi Sioux,
    Sounds like a good idea.

    Hi Carol,
    Me too. The news reporters talked about shaking and baking today. Kinda cute.

    Hi Madeline,
    I think you're on to something. What you wrote makes sense to me.

    Hi Bookie (Claudia),
    Makes me realize how little control we really have.

    Hi Jules,
    Weather does create distinctive moods. So far, no dishes broken.

    Hi Sally,
    Isn't it amazing where ideas come from?

    Hi Val,
    Good choices. I didn't feel this one, but I did the last time.

    Hi Betty,
    Makes me wonder how we survived without ac when growing up.

    thanks everyone for your comments. Regardless of the weather, this was fun!


  10. I love snow days. Trapped in the house with no huge obligations. It's heaven!

  11. Hi Tammy,
    There's something about the quiet and solitude of snow days.

  12. Depends on what sort of mood it sets. Heat tends to fry my brain.



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