Thursday, January 22, 2009

Writing Assignment - Letter to the President

Today's forecast, mostly sunny, high 60 degrees. Yowser! Good day, sunshine; good day, sunshine; good day, sunshine . . .

On school days I ask my grandchildren Cari and Michael what was the most exciting or interesting thing that happened at school. Generally, Michael, who is ten and in fourth grade, mentions lunch or recess. Cari, who is 14 and an eighth grader, either shrugs or says, "Nothing much."

But last night was different.

Michael told us his class is writing a letter to our new president. I told him that's a wonderful class project. I remember how our school wrote a letter of sympathy to Mrs. Kennedy after President Kennedy was shot. Mrs. Kennedy wrote back, and her hand-written note was pinned to a hallway bulletin board.

Cari told us about a writing assignment she was given in religion class. The assignment is to write a letter to her grandchildren telling them how she felt about Tuesday's historic inauguration of Barack Obama. What an insightful writing project to give students!

In fact, both writing projects are inspiring!

Borrowing from Cari's teacher's idea, I've decided to record my thoughts for Cari and Michael--even though they live with my husband and me and we have discussed the election and inauguration--and to write down my impressions for them and my future great-grandchildren as well.

How about you?

Maybe you might want to write your thoughts about this week or urge your own children or grandchildren to, so decades from now future generations will be able to better understand the feelings, thoughts, and impressions of this week's historic events.

Or, like Michael's class, you or your family will write a letter to our new president and his family. Here's a link to an article on e-how on "How to Write a Letter to the President of the United States." that you might want to check out to get started.

One last thought: If you're not a Democrat or not a fan of our new president, how about writing a letter to former president and first lady, George and Laura Bush. It might be nice to thank them for their service to our country and for the graciousness they showed welcoming our new president and first lady to the White House.


  1. I agree...that's a great idea and an interesting project. Plus the kids will be so excited when they get (and I feel pretty sure they will) a reply!

  2. Hi Pat,
    I think you're right.
    An update on the story: Last night Cari gave me her sealed envelope, addressed to her grandchildren (from grandma Cari). I'm putting it in our fire-proof locked box so to keep it safe.

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