Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's Market - Smith Magazine's Six-Word Memoirs

(Cover from Smith Magazine website)

Today's forecast for St. Peters: Light snow, high 41 degrees, but it's cooooold out there this morning.

If one of your goals is to "write tight" and eliminate clutter from your writing, a way to challenge yourself is by submitting a six-word memoir. Smith Magazine's motto is "Everyone has a story."
Publishers of the critically acclaimed magazine recently celebrated their third anniversary by releasing SIX-WORD MEMOIRS ON LOVE AND HEARTBREAK.

And, how's this for great news: Congratulations to Pat Wahler, the secretary of Saturday Writers and a member of Coffee and Critique! Pat's six-word memoir is included in LOVE AND HEARTBREAK (of writers famous and obscure). Pat claims to be in the obscure category, but I'd say she's pretty famous.

With several ongoing projects, Smith Magazine publishers encourage writers to submit: "stories, which may be included in upcoming books. They may win contests. Or they can just help you share the story of your life with friends and loved one."

Visit their website for complete details. And don't forget, keep it short.


  1. I received my contributor's book today. It's a small, gift-book sized volume and a quick read. Once again I'm amazed at how much message you can fit into only six words!


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