Friday, January 16, 2009

Freebie Friday - Win a James Patterson Book

(Book cover from James Patterson's website)
Today's forecast for St. Peters: Right now it's 2 degrees, but it's supposed to get up to 16 and the frigid weather is supposed to end tomorrow, with a predicted high of 41 degrees. Yay!

Here's something that might help heat things up. Last week I promised to announce a contest to win a copy of a book that has a story of mine in it, but there's been a change in plans. Don't fret--this is even better!

The other day I read about a contest to win a free book. This sweepstakes is sponsored by best-selling author James Patterson, who is offering a chance to win a copy of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, a thriller written by Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Fifty copies of the book will be given away to lucky winners selected at random who sign up for the sweepstakes by Feb 2 and who answer a question about a poet. Sound intriguing? For complete contest details visit the James Patterson's website. Good luck!

Another feature I like about Patterson's website is his movie review section, so if you like candid and brief reviews about movies, you might want to check that out while you're there.

Hope you have a great weekend, stay warm, and take time to write!

P.S. If you enter and are one of the winners, please let me know so I can be jealous. ;-)


  1. Hi Donna!

    Okay, I was gonna complain about it being 30 here in Georgia, but never mind. Besides, I'm too thrilled about the James Patterson book giveaway. My husband is a huge Patterson fan and if I win, I've got that whole Father's Day thing wrapped up :-)

  2. Hi Cathy,

    I'm with you about giving books you don't have to pay for as gifts. My husband Walt got a book I reviewed as one of his Christmas gifts. Recycling helps the planet; it's good being green.

    And good luck with the contest--some time ago I read STEP ON A CRACK, written by Patterson and Ledwidge, and loved the main character. So, I also entered the contest. Who knows? Maybe one of us will win.

  3. I've read a couple of Patterson's thrillers.. they're really fantatstic. Enjoyed my visit here this morning.. cheers :)

  4. Just over here from WOW - to say congrats! :)

  5. Hi Shelby and Kathryn,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I was surprised and excited to find out about the blog nomination from WOW! I'm going to post about it next week.
    Hope you'll visit again.


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