Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creative Non-Fiction Submission Opportunity - Black Warrior Review

Today's forecast for St. Peters: Freezing rain today, high 19 degrees, flurries tonight. No school today because of snow, so there's a lot going on in the Volkenannt/O'Donnell household today.

Thanks to Julie E. for e-mailing this information to me:

"The Black Warrior Review seeks Creative Non-Fiction for our Fall 2009 issue. We accept memoirs, old cars, pon fars, travelougues, jumping frogs, Boss Hoggs, essays, last days, death rays, lists, jists, mists, recipes, next-to-me(s), jujubees, how-to's, boo boos, and cows jumping spoons. Surprise us.
Please send your manuscripts (no longer than 30 pp) to:
Black Warrior Review

P.O. Box 862936
Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-0027
ATTN: Andy Johnson, Non-Fiction Editor"

For complete submission guidelines, visit their website; the link is above. After reading their submission call-out, my guess is they like humor.

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