Sunday, August 22, 2010

Contest for Kansas and Missouri Poets

Here's a contest announcement for residents of Kansas and Missouri
sent to me by Maril Crabtree

Davis Grove Haiku and Nature Poetry Contest: “Words to Weigh”
Co-sponsored by The Port Authority of Kansas City, MO and The Writers Place* The photo at left is from their website.

Submission Guidelines:

The contest is open to all residents of Kansas or Missouri.
Submissions will be received by email only.
Submit no more than three (3) poems as an email attachment. Submission of more than three poems will disqualify all poems from consideration.
Submissions will be blind. Submit a cover letter with name, address, phone number and email address, with the first line of each poem submitted, as a separate email attachment. Do not put identifying information on the poems themselves.
Submit poems and separate cover letter to:
Submissions must be the original work of the author and be unpublished.
Submissions must be no longer than four lines.
Subject matter of submissions should relate to themes such as rivers or other area waterways, docks, wharfs, the riverfront Heritage Trail, and other nature-based images suitable for poetry similar to (but not limited to) haiku and relating to the mission and goals of the KC Port Authority*. (see
Deadline: September 15, 2010

WINNERS: Four winning entries will be selected. Each winning entry will receive a $100.00 prize and each winning poem will be engraved onto a historic concrete barge anchor to be situated in Davis Grove, part of the Western Riverfront park area, adjacent to the Riverfront Heritage Trail in Kansas City, Missouri. Winners will participate in the opening ceremony for Davis Grove projected for Fall, 2010.
Good luck to everyone who enters!
*The Port Authority's mission is “to enhance the economic vitality of Kansas City, MO, as a redevelopment entity through transportation, trade, commerce, and riverfront development within the statutory authority granted by the State of Missouri and the City of Kansas City.”


  1. Drat. My Georgia driver's license says I may not participate. I guess the old saw is true...location, location, location!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Double drat. I live in Missouri, but the only luck I have winning poetry contests is with limericks.


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