Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celia Rivenbark is My Special Guest Next Week

About the weather: The redish-orange moon last night was gorgeous if anyone got to check it out.

Special Announcement: Next Thursday, September 17, Celia Rivenbark, a hilarious writer, serves up some Southern-style humor on Donna's Book Pub. Celia will answer my interview questions about how she got started in writing, which celebrity wrote to complain about a column she wrote, and which group got most upset when Celia made a comic remark about them.

So, mark your calendars for September 17 and stop by to read Celia's interview and leave questions or comments. One lucky visitor will win an Advance Readers' Edition of Celia's latest book published by St. Martin's Press: You Can't Drink All Day If you Don't Start in the Morning.


  1. Celia - Wow what great titls. Awesome interview; thanks for the laugh as I ate some lunch. It's always fun to share the writer's journey.

    I also find that answers to things that puzzle us come in the most interesting ways. Celia, ou talked about how recipes came into the book based on a suggestion from - of all people - MOM! Who would have thought! LOL. I find when I'm puzzled, I tell my brain to work on it and have complete confidence an answer will come. And it often something I heard while eavesdropping (my favorite hobby) or perhaps a TV commercial or a song. Do you also find that sort of thing happening to you?

    Donna - what about you? Do you find strange answers as well?

    Ronda Del Boccio

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    Great question, and thanks for posting on my blog.
    Talk about strange. I read a brief tidbit on the obituary page the other day which got me to write a 750-word short story.

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