Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Success Stories

Here's an update to today's earlier post: Two more writing friends, both members of Saturday Writers, e-mailed me with some good news.

Barbara Hodges had her article, "I Can See Clearly Now," accepted for publication in the e-zine, You and Me Magazine. The article is about her reaction after being diagnosed with glaucoma. She wrote the piece ten years ago to help her adjust to the news. The article was hanging out on her disk. She tweeked the article here and there, sent in a query, and voila!, it was accepted. How's that for persistence?

Becky Povich's story submitted to Thin Threads has been chosen as one of the top 101 finalists. She should know if it's selected sometime next month! We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Congratulations, Barbara and Becky!

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