Monday, March 2, 2009

Call for Submission: Quiet Heroes - Grandmothers

Today's forecast for St. Peters, MO: Fair, current temp 27 degrees.

Happy Monday! I'm glad to be back from my trip to Lake Geneva. Although it's plenty cold here, it can't compare with the weekend weather in Wisconsin. I'll blog more about my visit later this week, including an essay about an amazing pizza parlor in Lake Geneva.

Here's a call for submission sent to me by my writing friend Dianna G., who is also a magazine editor. Dianna forwarded a link to me about an upcoming anthology from best-selling author Farrah Gray for his new book, "Quiet Heroes."

Dr. Gray, who was named as one of the most influential black men in America today by the National Urban League, is looking for contributing writer submissions for his new book entitled Quiet Heroes: The Grandmothers Who Have Enriched Our Lives -- Inspirational Letters of Wit, Wisdom and Worth Delivered Through Grandmothers and Their Grandchildren.

Here are a few call-out specifics:

* Quiet Heroes is looking for compassionate and insightful stories that highlight a grandmother's sage advice to serve as pearls of wisdom.

* Submissions should be no more than 500 words.

* Send directly to the Farrah Gray Foundation at the e-mail address below.

* Letters and stories from grandmothers and those inspired by a grandmother or someone like a grandmother. Your grandmother's wisdom and personal story profiling the prudent vision that helped guide you through life.

* Grandmothers are welcome to submit letters on love, life, inspiration and hope.

* If your work is chosen for publication, you will receive $50 per story, along with publication of their 50-word biography.

* Send your submissions to: Danielle Jean-Jacques,

***For complete details about this opportunity or to find out about other submission call-outs, visit the Freelance Writing website.

Good luck!


  1. This sounds interesting. I hope I can get some time to work on it. There are so many possibilities. Thanks.

  2. Hi Cher'ley,
    It's not easy narrowing the search on which ones to submit. You're right too many possibilities--not enough time. If you enter, good luck!


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