Monday, April 28, 2014

When Actions Speak Louder than Words

As soon as my grandson got off school Friday afternoon, my husband picked him up and they drove to our 89-plus acre "farm" to get ready to turkey hunt -- and search for morel mushrooms.

Saturday was opening day of turkey season, always an exciting time for the guys, but there was an incident on Friday that deeply troubled my husband.

Friday evening, while walking our property searching for morel mushrooms (on left), hubby found a turkey blind with decoys hidden behind a log in the woods on our property. About fifty yards away from the hidden blind, my grandson spotted a dead coyote that appeared to have been shot earlier that day.

Apparently, trespassers had come onto our property Friday and set up their turkey blind so they could be ready for Saturday morning, but while they were there they shot a coyote -- out of season.

To say my husband was angry is an understatement. He hadn't given anyone permission to hunt our property that weekend. He confiscated the turkey blind and decoys and took them to our farmhouse.

Later that night he was so upset he couldn't sleep. So, he hopped in his pickup, drove to the spot in the woods, and used his flashlight to find the coyote carrion. He then dragged the carcass and placed in front of the spot where the poachers had set up their turkey blind.

I can only imagine the looks on the poachers'  faces when they arrived at their hidden blind early Saturday morning. While hubby didn't send a Godfather's dead-horse-in-the-bed warning to the poachers, he got his message across.

My guys didn't shoot any Toms (they only saw a few hens) over the weekend, but they came home with a story that I'm sure my grandson will one day tell his own grandchildren.


  1. Donna--I hope that teaches those trespassing hunters a lesson.

  2. Unfortunately, the perps will probably not be moved beyond momentary anger. They won't get the real message. People are so self centered these days, can't imagine following rules or any kind of proper conduct. I feel your hubby's frustrations.

  3. That's why we can't have nice things. Somebody comes along and tries to take them, figuring they won't get caught. Maybe your husband could set up a game camera and get a picture if they come back. IF they didn't steal the game camera.

  4. What is wrong with people? Too bad they couldn't be caught in the act, but it sounds like your hubby took the best/biggest action he could under the circumstances.

  5. Hi Sioux,
    I hope so too.

    Hi Claudia,
    I think you're right.

    Hi Val,
    He has a camera and so far it hasn't gone missing.

    Hi Lisa,
    It is unbelievable that someone has the nerve to do that, and I'm glad Walt did what he did.

  6. That's so sad about the coyote. I'm glad your husband made a statement!

  7. Ugh! I despise it when people abuse other people's property and even more when they do something like wantonly killing an animal. I'm glad your husband let them know their actions didn't go unnoticed.

    I'm jealous about the morels. I'm a morel addict.

    Critter Alley

  8. Such an utter lack of respect for property, laws and life--ugh. Thank goodness for Walt. Your grandson will grow up, knowing better.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    I feel the same way. That coyote didn't have a chance.

    Hi Pat,
    Yep. I'm sure Walt got his point across.

    Hi Cathy,
    Michael came home full of stories about his weekend on the "farm."

  10. Wow! What a story to tell. I'm glad your husband "took care" of that. You never know what folks will do.
    I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day.


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