Friday, June 1, 2012

Strange Sightings

Yesterday hubby, grandson, and I headed out to Walmart to buy a fishing license for our grandson. (Hubby already has his and I most likely won't be doing much fishing this year.)

I never know what I'll see on a Walmart adventure, and yesterday was no exception.

It was a cool and drizzly day, which is good for the trees and flowers.

But it wasn't so rainy that you'd need an umbrella --- unless maybe you're a car.

Walking across the parking lot, Hubby said, "Take a look at that."

Of course, I had to grab dig my camera out of my purse to capture the moment on film.

While it may look strange to see an umbrella being used as a car window, on the plus side, the car owner is very creative and the umbrella does match the car -- kind of.

After we left the store, on our way to grab a late lunch, I noticed a souped-up black vehicle, hugging the ground in the next lane. The lime green hubcabs caught my attention.  

The teenage driver reved his engine and sped down the road. That's when I spotted something hanging from his back bumper.

Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out of my purse in time to snap a photo of his car as it buzzed past--or maybe it's better that I didn't.

Hanging from his rear bumper was a mesh set of two items resembling the lower anatomy of a bull.

When I asked my husband what that was supposed to mean, he said, "He thinks his piece of junk car has . . ."

So, that leads me to ask, what strange sightings have you witnessed lately?


  1. Yesterday, within a half mile of each other on my county blacktop road, a stuffed monkey and a huge semi truck hauling salsa. Maybe not strange by city standards, but very out-of-place on my road without even a center line, barely wide enough for two cars to pass.

    I'm guessing a dog got hold of the stuffed monkey. It was bedraggled.

    The salsa truck must have been misdirected by a faulty GPS. We are five miles off the interstate, with no city or town in this direction. The roads get smaller and smaller. Funny thing is, he was headed TOWARD town. The truck was parked with its flashers on. Maybe the driver was on foot, looking for a house to find out how to get out of this place. All I know is, I had to go around him on a blind hill, hoping not to be hit head-on.

    But...I see those car cajones ALL the time! Usually on trucks, though.

  2. LOL - nothing as odd as either of your sightings. While I'm not always on the lookout for strange sightings, a lot of what I see I think of as strange. If Husband is around, I'll ask him to look and say, "Don't you think that's odd?" I get 'the look' in return.

  3. Hi Val,
    A bedraggled stuffed monkey. Now that's strange. And I wonder how the Salsa truck got on the road. I hadn't heard of car cajones before. Guess I need to get out more.

    Hi Carol,
    I get the same look. Husbands are like that sometimes.

  4. This has been a while, but I was behind a car that seemingly had a huge, exotic-type plant in the back seat. All I could see were these huge pointed "leaves" sticking up and out at odd angles. The plant took up most of the car's interior space.

    Speeding up (I was curious to see the plant), when I passed I saw that it was not a plant. The driver's hair had been gelled up/sprayed up/moussed up---whatever it took--resulting in 12" long spikes sticking up here and there.


  5. A truck with black ones hanging in back and the driver with his shorts below his butt cheeks exposing all of his underwear in back. I told my husband if he'd pull in I'd yank my Capri's down and show him my granny panties. But he refused. I do not understand people these days!

  6. Just the other day I was wondering what kind of perm or hair this person had - it was a convertible and I could only see the back of the "lady's" head. But when she turned, it ended up being a poodle!

  7. I'm expecting to see a story from you about one or both of these sightings!

  8. Hi Sioux,
    I think I've seen that freaky driver before.

    Hi Linda,
    That was a strange sighting, all right.

    Hi Lynn,
    Hehehehe. Isn't it fun watching people (and animals) in cars?

    Hi Margo,
    You never know. I just might use them in a story.


  9. As I'm writing this, there appears to be something of a very strange and nefarious nature on my driveway. Mr. Hall told me what he THOUGHT it was (but was not): a squished squirrel, a smushed chipmunk, a squished up ball of grass clippings. Now, honestly, I think we both know that the mysterious glob in the driveway is a deer (or very large dog) deposit but I suspect it will stay there until one of us caves.

    It will not be me. Not this time.

    1. Ewww. I hope you aren't the one who has to clean up the mysterious glob in the driveway.


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