Sunday, March 11, 2012

Submission Opportunity: Not Your Mother's Series Anthology

I'm so excited to share some wonderful news from two St. Louis-area writing friends--Dianna Graveman and Linda O'Connell.

Linda and Dianna are two of the hardest working writers I know. Both ladies are award-winning, multi-published writers who deserve great success.

Their latest project sounds fascinating. Equally exciting is that they are actively seeking submissions from other writers!

Linda and Dianna are working as independent editors on two Publishing Syndicate anthologies in the Not Your Mother's series.

     * Linda is developing and seeking "sassy, snappy, sincere or humorous submissions" for, Not Your Mother's book on Family.

     * Dianna is seeking first-person "funny or downright embarrassing" submissions for Not Your Mother's book on Being a Mom.

While Dianna and Linda are collaborating on the promotion of both titles, they ask writers NOT to submit the same story to both books.

Hop on over to Linda or Dianna's blogs for their official Press Releases or to the Publishing Syndicate site for detailed submission guidelines.

I have it on good authority that submissions are already pouring in, so don't wait too long to submit--and good luck if you do!


  1. Thanks for posting, Donna! This is going to be great fun. I'm so fortunate to be working with a writer of Linda's caliber. And congrats, again, to you on your Erma Bombeck win! Fantastic news!

  2. Donna, thank you. If anyone deserves kudos it's YOU!

  3. Donna--I know you will be submitting some stories, right!?!

  4. Hi Dianna and Linda,
    You gals are awesome. I know the series will be amazing!

    Hi Sioux,
    I'm trying to think of something to write about. Sassy and snappy, isn't me, but I do have some embarrassing stories. I'm just not sure if I want to share them.
    How about you? I'm sure you have some good ones!


  5. Congrats to all, and Donna, I'd expand on that garter belt story...change the names to protect the innocent, of course.

  6. You're so good about posting writing opportunities :)

  7. I am excited for Linda and Dianna! Checking this one out. :)

  8. Hi Carol,
    Thanks. It's a good opportunity for writers.

    Hi Karen,
    Me too!



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