Friday, March 16, 2012

Call for Submissions from Write Integrity Press and Turner River Rats for the Arts

I love this logo from Write Integrity Press. It's so spring-like and filled with hope. The editors at Write Integrity Press are currently seeking submissions for three anthology series:

     Life Lessons from Moms
     Life Lessons from Dads
     Life Lessons from Teachers
     Word limit: 1,000
     Deadline: March 31, 2012
    Payment: $25, plus contributor's copy
Visit the Write Integrity Press website for complete submission guidelines.

Thanks to Denise from the Catholic Writers of St. Louis blog for letting me know about this submission opportunity.

Now, onto a chance to have your play performed!

The Turner Hall River Rats for the Arts is issuing an invitation to anyone interested in writing a very short play. Here are some details:

  Play length: No more than three minutes.
  Payment: Selected scripts will receive a staged reading and a small royalty.
  Deadline: Submissions are due by midnight on Sunday, April 1.
  Guidelines and format requirements are available via email to or from (660) 882-3300. 

Thanks to Judy Stock from the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild for this call out from the Turner Hall River Rats for the Arts.

Good luck if you submit!


  1. Thanks, Donna. Gosh, the possibilites are endless, arent' they? I, too, love the tulips!

  2. Endless possibilities = endless hope!

  3. Great links. I love those tulips, too.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Hi Carol,
    Thanks. The tulips are lovely!

  5. Thanks, Donna. I've always wanted to write a short play!

  6. Thanks for the call outs. And congratulations on all of your recent writing accomplishments.

  7. Hi Mary,
    You are welcome. I bet your play would be great. Go for it!

    Hi Linda,
    You are welcome. And Thanks!


  8. Thanks for passing along that information!

  9. Great links, Donna, thanks. Running short on time this month. I did get on the newsletter list for Write Integrity to keep up with any future opportunities.

    Critter Alley

  10. Thanks Donna. Gee, if I add any more to the already list of deadlines for the end of March, I'll...

  11. I do so want to write a teeny play someday. One of the very first things I ever wrote was a three act that was staged by the Backyard Players (when I was nine yrs old). What a great memory it is.

  12. Hi Val, Pat, Lynn, and Marcia,

    I agree with you ladies about deadlines. So many opportunities, so little time.

    Marcia--I bet your play was wonderful! Go for it!



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