Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ally Carter, Kristen Nelson, and MWG

Last month I reviewed HEIST SOCIETY by Ally Carter for Teenreads, which is a fantastic site for teens to learn about authors like Ally Carter and books like HEIST SOCIETY. You can read my entire review on the Teenreads site.

I first learned about Ally Carter after visiting Literary Agent Kristen Nelson's blog, Pub Rants. Kristen is Ally's agent, and from what I've read on Kristen's blog, Ally and other authors Kristen represents have done exceptionally well with their books. So when I saw Ally's name on the list I received from my editor at Bookreporter, I jumped at the chance to review HEIST SOCIETY. Reading books written by YA authors, especially successful ones, has taught me a great deal in crafting the YA mystery novel set in St. Charles, MO, that I'm working on now.

Finishing my YA novel has been a challenge, and I'm always looking for resources to help me work through the process. I visit Kristen's blog frequently because she represents YA authors. Her blog is an exceptional resource for writers; it's filled with helpful advice about submissions, query letters, pitching, and other relevant topics.

Kristen is going to be speaking at the Missouri Writers' Guild Conference this year and I had hoped to learn more about the YA market from her, but life has interfered with my plans. This weekend I will be one of the hostesses for a shower for my niece.

MWG Conference Chair Claire Applewhite, Registrar Margo Dill, and all the board members and volunteers have done an outstanding job planning this year's conference. Pulling off a conference of this magnitude is a major undertaking; I know because in 2005 it was my job to plan and chair the MWG Conference in St. Charles, so I appreciate all their hard work and dedication. While I won't be at the MWG conference this weekend, several of my critique group friends will be including Judy Moresi, who is speaking on a panel, and Claudia Shelton and Doyle Suit, who will be shepherds for some of the speakers. Have fun, guys!

So, I hope everyone who attends has a great time and learns much. With such a star-studded line up, I'm sure it will be a success! To find more about the conference visit the MWG Conference website.


  1. We're out of town so I'll miss the conference. Annoying given that it's so close to home this year!

  2. Hi Pat,
    Have fun on your trip. It is a bummer that the conference is in town but we can't make it. Last year I drove all the way to Cape G.

  3. Note: Judy and Claudia e-mailed with their thanks for being mentioned on my blog.
    What a perfect weekend for a conference.


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