Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday's Market - St. Anthony's Messenger

(Cover from St. Anthony's Messenger magazine webiste)

Today's forecast for St. Peters: Partly cloudy, high 41 degrees, light snow this evening.

One way to overcome the winter blahs is by writing--a story, an essay, a poem--or even a book.

St. Anthony's Messenger is a market recommended to me by one of my writing friends who has had two short fiction pieces published by them. She was pleased with the way she was treated by the editors and with the compensation she received. Even more gratifying, both of her stories were nominated for awards (one received an award from the Catholic Press Association for best fiction story of the year).

Here's a message for writers from their website: "St. Anthony Messenger is a monthly, general-interest, family-oriented Catholic magazine. It is written and edited largely for people living in families or the family-like situations of Church and community. We want to help our 300,000+ subscribers better understand the teachings of the gospel and Catholic Church, and how these apply to the life and the full range of problems confronting us as members of families, the Church and society."

For fiction, they are: "interested in stories about family relationships, people struggling and coping with the same problems of life our readers face. Stories should show people triumphing in adversity, persevering in faith, overcoming doubt or coming to spiritual insights, without being preachy. Stories don’t always need a 'happily-ever-after' ending, but they need to offer hope with real and believable characters and resolutions. Sudden realizations, instant conversions and miracle solutions won’t do. " Visit their Information for Fiction Authors guidelines on their website for more details.

If you don't write fiction, don't despair. According to their website, they also accept articles, poetry and books.

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