Monday, February 9, 2009

Book Notes - Your Truest Self by Janice Lynne Lundy

(Your Truest Self cover image, courtesy of Janice Lynne Lundy)

Today's forecast for St. Peters: Showers likely, high 65 degrees, but I'll take the rain over sleet or snow any day.

I'm honored and excited that Donna's Book Pub has been selected to be part of WOW!'s Guest Blogger tour. If you're wondering what a blog tour is, it's like a book tour, but instead of authors visiting book stores, they stop by blogs to chat with blog visitors.

Tomorrow I will host my first guest blogger, interfaith spiritual guide and author, Janice Lynne Lundy, who will talk about "Living with a Wide Open Heart." Lundy writes a nationally syndicated magazine column in Women's LifeStyle magazine and is an adjunct staff member at the Institute of Spirituality at the Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In preparation for tomorrow's visit, I will share some observations about Lundy's latest book, Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be, released by Sorin Books, of Ave Maria Press.

From an early age, Lundy has been fascinated with "holy women," beginning in her childhood when she lived down the street from a Dominican convent, into her college days as an anthropology student, and into recent years when her imagination has been captured by mystics, saints, and other holy women.

The Introduction to Your Truest Self begins with a quote from St. Francis of Assisi, "You are that which you are seeking." This quote sets the stage for our journey.

Lundy's book is laid out as a guide for readers seeking a path of self-discovery to help them live Spirit-filled lives. The book is divided in twelve chapters called "Transformational Truths"--one from each of her spiritual mentors whose "light-filled presence" can help guide women "to live more peaceful, confident, and open-hearted lives."

Among the mentors are: Joyce Rupp, author and retreat leader and member of the Servants of Mary; Jan Phillips, a photographer, writer and modern-day mystic; Naomi Judd, country music singer, author and talk show host; Dr. Doreen Virtue, author and workshop facilitator, called "The Angel Lady;" Michelle Tsosie Sisneros, award-winning Native American artist and illustrator, and other wise women from a variety of backgrounds.

I found Lundy's book engaging, enriching, and thought-provoking. In addition to reading the words of wisdom from the twelve spiritual mentors, I enjoyed the Reflection Questions and Peaceful Pause sections at the end of each chapter, which gave me the opportunity to think about and absorb what I had read.
The poem in the Epilogue written by American poet Galway Kinnell is a lovely way to end the book, and an inspiring way to continue the journey of opening my heart to others.

Please stop by tomorrow to read Lundy's article, "Living with a Wide Open Heart," written specially for visitors of my blog. Also please feel free to leave questions tomorrow on the blog for Jan to answer.


  1. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for the lovely post and the thoughtful review of Your Truest Self. I am glad that it touched your heart!

    I am excited to be with you here tomorrow—LIVE!— answering any questions your readers might have about they can live as their truest selves and about this amazing journey we call life....

    Blessings to you and all,

  2. Hi Jan,
    Tomorrow should be an exciting day. I hope all goes well with our exciting blog tour experiment.


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