Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Julie

Today's forecast for St. Peters: Rain, rain, rain. High 59 degrees.

On this rainy Friday, I celebrate the life, the love, and the gift of my beautiful daugher, Julie. She would have been 39 today. She was born Nov 14, 1969, at Scott Air Force Base in IL, and died with her husband Mike in a motorcycle accident in St. Louis, MO, on Feb 5, 2005.

From my deep sorrow and pain has come much joy and many blessings. Since the night of the accident, my husband Walt and I have been blessed with raising Cari and Michael, Julie and Mike's children. So, rather than mourning Julie's passing, I celebrate her life and the many gifts she has given me--especially the gift of raising her children.

One of my most treasured publications is a true story about her, called "Julie's Gift," which was originally published in A Cup of Comfort for Women in 2002 and republished in 2007. The story is about a gift Julie sent my mother when she was just a teenager and we were living overseas in Germany. In 2003, "Julie's Gift" was awarded the Best Religious or Inspirational Story by the Missouri Writers' Guild.

As a way to keep Julie's memory alive through story, I am giving away a copy of A Cup of Comfort for Women with a signed copy of the story, "Julie's Gift."

To enter, please e-mail me at Put "Julie's Gift" in the subject line, and include your name, mailing address, and e-mail in the text. Contest opens today, Nov 14, and closes at midnight, Thanksgiving Day, Nov 27. Winner will be announced on Nov 28. And, if you're so inclined, please remember Julie in your thoughts and prayers today.

One last announcement: The winner in the "Welcome Home" contest of a signed copy of my story in A Cup of Comfort for Military Families is Jodi Webb of Pottsville, PA. Congratulations, Jodi. I will mail your book next week.

Until Monday, have a safe weekend, and take time to write.


  1. Sending thoughts and prayers for Julie, you, and your family.

  2. Hi Pat,
    Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
    And thank you to everyone else who e-mailed me.


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