Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congratulations, Pat

Today's forecast for St. Peters: Fair, sunny. High 40 degrees. Baby, it's cold outside this morning.

Here's a success story from Pat Wahler, a member of Coffee and Critique:

"Several months ago, Tricia G posted a site on her blog, Smithmag.net, home of the six word memoir. I found it to be a very highly addictive format and was amazed at the number of six word messages a person can compose. Long story short, I got notice yesterday that one of my submissions has been selected to appear in their new book, On Love and Heartbreak by Writers Famous and Obscure (I, of course, fall into the obscure category!). No money, just a copy of the book when it comes out-Feb '09. Pretty funny, huh?

Also, wanted to let you all know that after Donna started her blog, I took a look at how the whole blog thing worked, and found it so easy to start one (with handy templates, of course) that now I have one, too. http://critteralley.blogspot.com/"

If you get a chance, check both blogs, Pat's Critter Alley and Tricia's Coffee and Critique blog.
http://coffeeandcritique.blogspot.com/ Tricia posts lots of helpful information about submission opportunities, like the one from smithmag.net, and Pat's has cool pictures of and stories about pets.


  1. Thanks, Donna! You just never know when some little thing (I'd actually forgotten all about the submission) can turn out later to be a pleasant surprise!

  2. Here's hoping you have even more pleasant surprizes.


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