Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Happy Hour Discussion - Changes

Today's weather in St. Peters: Blustery, overcast, high 50 degrees. A definite change from earlier in the week.

While this site isn't intended for political discussion, I can't close out the week without mentioning the monumental and historic change we witnessed in the United States on Tuesday, November 4, when a majority of U.S. citizens elected Barack Obama our first African-American president. No matter how we voted or our party affiliation, I think we all can embrace our nation's democratic process.

This week also marked the passing of two famous and critically acclaimed authors--Studs Turkel and Michael Crichton. While their passing isn't anywhere near on the scale of this week's historic election, as a writer and reader who has enjoyed some of their works, I thought I would mention them too.

So, let's raise our glasses, cans, coffee mugs, or tea cups in salute of our great nation and great writers.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Next week, I plan to share some ideas and experiences about critique groups.


  1. Yes, I'm Hummingbird Chatter (Claudia). I can hardly wait to see how wonderful you say our Coffee & Critique group is next week.

  2. Hi Hummingbird Chatter,
    Great name, Claudia. Thanks for stopping by; you might be surprised by what I have to say about critique groups. Or maybe not.


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