Monday, March 14, 2011

I Cannot Tell A Lie ... Maybe

Thanks to my writer friend Sioux for bestowing on me this Memetastic award.

As a condition of receiving the award I have to tell four truths about myself, along with one made up, pure fictional, lie. I admit, it was a challenge.

In her blog post about me, Sue wrote that "still water runs deep." I've been told that about myself before, so I thought I would dig deep with my four truths--and one lie.

See if you can find the fib among the following:

* Growing up, one of my best friends—whose last name was Graves—lived in a haunted mansion.

* While working at an unemployment office in Massachusetts, my long hair got stuck in a check-printing machine and the boss had to cut my hair to get my head out.

* Two boys I dated were killed in Vietnam—the classmate who took me to my eighth grade dance and my date for Senior Prom, who was buried for a time in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

* While working for the Dept of the Army I received an outstanding-intern-of-the-year award. My husband, my boss, two co-workers, and I were flown on our agency’s Commanding General’s jet to Arlington, VA, where the award was presented to me by an Assistant Secretary of the Army.

* One of my favorite snacks is a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Another condition is to share the award, so I would like to pass this award with the following bloggers:

Sally, over at Live and Learn with Sally, who is a frequent visitor and commenter on Donna's Book Pub. I love her inspirational posts.

Janet, who lives and writes in West Virginia. Her blog, Writing in the Blackberry Patch, has interesting posts and lovely photos that make me go ahhhh.

Betty Craker Henderson at Windy Ribbons. I've known Betty for several years. I was happy to read on her blog about her recent trip to Paris with her daughter.

Donna B. over at Mystical Journeys posts about her dad and family, her life, her hopes and dreams.

Melissa Ann Goodwin, Writer's blog has some timely posts for writers. Melissa lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her recent post about writing a FICTION book proposal is very interesting.

I tried my best to visit my followers' blogs other blogs to make sure I haven't duplicated this award. If any of you have already received this award, please but be happy to know that more than one person thought you deserved it!


  1. Do you want a guess? I think it's the first one. I do an exercise in class like this, students stand up and say three things of which two are true, and one is a lie. We can usually tell by body language. But here I have no clue!

  2. Oh my, I'm not sure! You said them all with such a straight face. :) Maybe #1?

    Congrats to the other winners, and thanks for the links!

  3. Hmmm...good ones!! Was originally going to say the Vietnam one is the lie because you're too young. But then I realized they could've been cradle-robbing. So my guess is the last one because it seems to me you said in another post once that you've never eaten peanut butter?!

  4. Oh my...I am a terrible this will be a definite challenge! As to which one of the above is your lie? No I will guess #2.

    Thank you so very much (I think...does this mean I am a liar or should aspire to be one?) for thinking of me for this award. Congratulations to all the other recipients too.

  5. All the other ones are detailed, but the last one--about peanut butter--was noted so succinctly. But perhaps you wrote it that way to throw us off?

    (I really didn't think you were as gawky as I am---I can see myself getting hair or part of my clothing caught in a machine--but maybe still waters run deep AND gawky!)

  6. I 'll bet you despise peanut butter. And if it's true about being helicoptered to VA, WOW! Hair, yeah, I can see that. Viet Nam, a sad time. Graves and a haunted mansion, yep. It's peanut butter.

  7. I am going to go out on a limb in order to jump on the bandwagon, and declare the last one to be the lie. Not because of the peanut butter, but because of the coffee. I seem to recall reading that you do not drink coffee.

  8. I say it is peanut butter also! And thank you for sharing! How nice of you...I almost always run by this site first of all before the others, probably because I've known you for so long! (Besides, you write such interesting stuff! Keep it up.)BTW, there is more to come on the trip so keep checking out my own blog.

  9. Lord, I'd hate to play poker with you :) I'm guessing peanut butter as well.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. Well, Donna....I know about at least one of these, so it may not be fair for me to play. I'll just say, "Another cool life being lived!"

  11. Well, I was going to say #1, until everyone started saying you didn't like peanut butter. So it is #1 or #5, how's that for being able to make up my mind. thanks for memetastic award.

  12. I have no idea. How's that for an answer!

  13. Thanks for the kind words and award! It's a great feeling to be recognized. And on that note the author of that wonderful poem, The Secret of Wait, was passed on to me and I was able to include his information on my post. Thank you Russell Kelfer for you soulful insight.

  14. I sure hope it's not the Graves kid living in the haunted house because that's pretty cool.

    And I'm terribly sorry if it was your hair, but I would have laughed (and I kinda think you would, too). So I'm going with the PB one. Because everybody knows it's PB and Coke or PB and cold milk. But PB and coffee? Blech. :-)

  15. Hi All,
    Great guesses. Some of you have good memories.
    I've posted my answers on March 21 if you want to check them out.


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