Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday Centus

I'm a tad late posting this, but here's my entry for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.

The entry needs to be no more than 100 words and must include the phrase, "it was growing bigger by the minute."
The title of my story is: Well Done

Cobwebs draped the front porch of the Black’s crumbling mansion. Mrs. Black wore an ebony formal and greeted her son Ben and his fiancĂ© Abbey at the door.

Wearing an apron over his tuxedo, Mr. Black stood in the kitchen. “Welcome,” he said. “You like barbeque?”

“Don’t mind Dad,” Ben said. “Any excuse to play with fire.”

Abbey asked for her steak medium rare.

Smoke poured from the grill, and Abbey’s meat looked like a piece of coal. As she chewed, it was growing bigger by the minute.

“Like your steak?” Mr. Black asked.

Between bites, Abbey said, “Well done.”


  1. Nice play on words.

    Well done.


  2. Ha! That was a good one, Donna. I made a bottomless pot of homemade soup last Tuesday that seemed to grow bigger as the snowy week wore on.

  3. Well done! I mean the writing ;-) Peace and blessings

  4. Hi Sue,

    Hi Linda,
    Your pot of soup sounds yummy.


  5. This story is indeed well done! Loved your use of the prompt. And really, is there anything worse than an overdone steak? Loved your description of the mansion and the family, they sound like a lot of fun! Kat

  6. Your details sound a whole lot more tantalizing than that steak! Made me want to read more about this family. A lot more! :)

  7. What a "rare" piece of writing!

  8. Oh, you aren't late...esp. this week when it seems folks have "snow time" at the computer! Nice job making the prompt into a "meaty" tale!

  9. Well but of course Mr. Black should really love coal flavored steak! Great work!

  10. Seamless use of the prompt! Humm, cobwebs. Are they dead? Is she next? Just trying to figure this one out!~Ames

  11. Tasty details indeed! I like your story and evocative chore of chewing tough steak. And (in the spirit of good bad puns) would love to know whether things hot up for the family, or Ben and Abbey's relationship goes up in smoke ;)

  12. Hi Jeff, Kat, Tammy,Judie, Bookie, Dazee Dreamer, Karen, Ames, and Leat,
    Wow! Thanks everyone for your comments.

  13. And you did it all in such a short piece. Most everyone else's I've read seem to be begging for more or leave us hanging. Great use of the prompt. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  14. Poor Abbey...have burnt food and praising it...then trying not to gag...loved your story.

  15. Hi Elysabeth,
    Thanks. Your Junior detective series found fun!

    Hi Rekha,
    Thanks. It was fun to write.


  16. Nice take on the prompt! This one made me laugh. Beautiful imagery of the mansion and parents too. With those few words, I already had a picture of it and them in my mind. Nicely done :)

  17. That's a good Centus. Original. I'm of Irish origin too, now married to an Indian and living in India. I use my blog name to reflect my background too.

  18. Very nice! 'Well done' is also what I can say about the writing! Love it!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC week 40 '...growing bigger...'

  19. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks. It was fun.

    Hi gaelikaa,
    Thanks. I was wondering about your unusual name. Very nice.

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for your kind words.


  20. This sounds like it is quite the interesting family, ha.

  21. Such great visualization you created in these few words!

    I can see the scene, picture the look on Abbey's face.

    Really excellent use of this difficult prompt.

    Thank you for linking up.


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