Wednesday, February 16, 2011

News to Share and Welcome

Yesterday was a day for good news.

My granddaughter Cari participated in the regional competitions with her high school's Future Business Leaders of America team. Cari received a first-place trophy in the Introduction to Business Communications category.

By placing first, she qualifies for Missouri State competitions next month. If she wins in the state competition, she will qualify to compete in the nationals in Orlando, Florida, in the spring.

Congratulations and good luck, Cari! We are so proud of you.

Earlier in the day our critique group crackled with good news.

* Paul told us that his book signing at Big Sleep Books on Saturday went well. His interview by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch appeared in the A&E section of the weekend edition.

* Claudia reported that an agent has requested a full manuscript of her latest romantic suspense novel. The request for a full is a result of Claudia winning a Romance Writers of America competition.

* On Monday, Alice received 30 contributor copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandmothers, which will be released soon. The reason Alice received so many copies is because she has three stories in the anthology. Way to go, Alice!

* Tommie brought along as a guest her lovely daughter Cameron, who is a marvelous critiquer--but more impressively--she's going to have a baby girl on Friday.

Talk about a busy and an exciting day!

But wait, there's more.

I'm extcited and pleased to WELCOME my three newest followers:

Val Thevictorian
Ann Best
Kathy Holmes

Thanks for following Donna's Book Pub. Feel free to leave comments or e-mail me if you have any questions. Hope you visit often and stay long!


  1. Thank you, Donna, for sharing all that good news. I'm happy for everyone, even if I don't know them personally. Good news and happiness is contagious or at least it should be. :)

    Congrats to everyone!

  2. Hi Madeline,
    You are so right. Good news is contagious. Yesterday it was fun hearing about everyone's accomplishments.

  3. Yay for all the good news!

    Yay for capturing squirrels painlessly!

    Yay for pugs dressed as superheroes! (Your card made me laugh out loud!)

    Where the heck have I been? Anyway, I'm caught up now. And thrilled for all the good things caught over there!

  4. Wow! Congratulations to everyone. I like hearing good news.

  5. Oh, congratulations to Cari! And I'm so sorry I missed C&C yesterday....but thanks for sharing all that great "writerly" news!!

  6. Hey Cathy,
    It has been a busy week. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Becky,
    It was a full house yesterday. I think everyone was ready to get out after all the bad weather. We missed you.


  7. Perhaps Cari could use her business skills to launch Grandpa Walt's "Squirrel Whisperer" venture?

    What a pretty young lady and OBVIOUSLY she's a sharp one!

  8. Way to go with all the good news. Think that granddaughter of yours would give me some free advice? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. I'm glad Anne found you:)) And wow your group did awesome!!

  10. Hi Sioux,
    Great idea!

    Hi Jules,
    Thanks. My granddaughter is not one to shy away from giving advice. ;-)

    Hi Terri,
    I'm glad Anne is a follower, too. And thanks for your kind words.


  11. Shake the good news trees and good things rain down. Congrats to your grandaughter, we'll watch to hear how futhre competition goes.

  12. Thanks for sharing all the good news! This time of year it is a boost! A special congratulations to your granddaughter, Cari!

  13. Donna, if you see this comment, will you e-mail me? I've had some Bad Old Demon Mail Guys telling me you're not receiving my e-mails!

  14. Hi Becky,
    Don't you hate those demon mail guys?
    Your comment made it, though.

  15. Congratulations to Cari and everyone else! Even if all that good luck isn't contagious (and who knows, it just might be), it's uplifting to read about. Good luck to Cari at State!

  16. Hi Sally,
    That's a great way to put it! And, thanks, I'll be sure and post about the competition.

    Hi Clara,
    Thanks. It is exciting.

    Hey Becky,
    Did you get my e-mail?

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks. We have our fingers crossed.


  17. Good news all around. Congratulations to all!


  18. Donna,
    Pat yourself on the back for all of the hard work you do. Congratulations to Cari. That is such an honor. Your post took me back to high school when I was in FBLA.


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