Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's On Top of Your Tree?

Top O' the morning to ya,
and the rest o'the day as well.

That Irish greeting put me in mind of what people put on top of their Christmas trees.

My sister Kathleen has a large black top hat on hers. She bought it a few years ago when my niece Jamie had a shop on Main Street in St. Charles. The top hat is unique and stylish, and definitely an attention grabber, but it's not something I would put on top of my tree.

I like angel tree tops and have a collection in different colors and styles. For the past several years I've selected a different one depending on the color of ornaments we use.

This Christmas is different.

While we were decorating, Cari asked why we always have an angel on top She wanted to use a gold star. Deciding it was time for a change, I drove to several stores looking for a gold star but couldn't find one. I was about to give up when I discovered one at Wal-Mart.

So, here's a photo of our tree, which is a work in progress. We add ornaments each day.

Yesterday Michael brought home a grinch ornament he made in art class. It's made out of a lightbult painted bright green with a red and white hat on top.

Notice the gold and white star, which has passed Cari's very critical eye as being "tree top worthy."

So, I'm curious: If you have a Christmas tree, what do you put on top?


  1. Growing up we always had the cutest angel but our tree was smaller then. When I got married we needed something a bit bigger, so I have a star and I usually make a huge bow to put under it too.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Putting a huge bow under the star sounds lovely.

  3. We always have a festive bow and robin on the top of our tree!

  4. Hi Elllie,
    A robin? I love it! That is so cool. Gives Christmas a hint of spring.

  5. We did angels for several years but my husband was particular and never was pleased two years in a row. The lighted star we have now has been there for some time so not sure why it gets the nod of approval. I like the bird idea although I would chose a cardinal. I will have to float that idea with David.

  6. It varies...This year, we have a wreath that one of the kids made many years ago, and in spite of it being made out of construction paper, it's still in one piece. And since it's a wreath, it's not really "topping" the tree but instead, looks like someone has tossed it towards the tree and it landed there, like a ring in a toss-the-ring-onto-the-bottle game. I like the idea fo a bird, too.

  7. On one tree we have a star and on the other tree, it's a ribbon with a little stuffed "bride and groom" because that tree is the "wedding tree" since my husband and I got married close to Christmas.

  8. Your tree is lovely and it looks like mine normally looks. I usually put an angel at the top, but this year I am living without ornaments so nothing is at the top. I am liking the simplicity and calmness of a tree with just white lights. One year our five year old said it wasn't a Christmas tree without a star at the top. We could not find a star anywhere we made one from cardboard and covered it in aluminum foil! It worked.

  9. Beautiful tree, and I like the elegance of a simple star. Sad, though, that so many people are having a hard time finding one! Mine has an angel, but it took some time because we decorated the same way. Love your tree skirt!

  10. Hi Sally,
    I like cardinals, too. The bright red color goes with Christmas.

    Hi Sioux,
    Your wreath sounds wonderful. Home-made ornaments are the best.

    Hi Lynn,
    Love the idea of a wedding tree. And happy anniversary this month.

    Hi Claudia,
    This is the fifth Christmas Cari and Michael have lived with us. Each year we start a new tradition.

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for noticing the tree skirt. There's a story about it, and I'm going to write about it next week.


  11. I don't put anything on top...I just plaster that tree with so many lights it hurts your eyes to look at it too long so no one notices. Actually I stopped putting the star or the angel on when I developed a neurosis about things being crooked. I was constantly up there straightening the star or angel. Now I only decorate the tree with snowmen so I shove a nice fat one as close to the top as I can and no one seems to care that I don't have a topper. Of course, with the 10,000 lights they can only look for a second or two.

  12. We don't have a tree this year (because we're not having company and I'm too lazy to put up a tree for just us two), but when we do have a tree, we use a gold star on top. When I was a kid, we had and angel and a star, so we alternated from year to year.

  13. Hey Lou,
    With all those lights, do you give out sunglasses to folks when they enter your home?

    Hi Patricia,
    Aw. How sad. Angels and stars seem to be coming out on "top."


  14. We always have a star. In our "poor" years it was a "tin-foil" one but when we came up in the world we graduated to a multi-colored neon one and it has been replaced once I believe. I don't think it would be the same if I couldn't have a star on top. It reminds me of the Star of Bethlehem, that most important symbol of the Christmas season!

  15. Hi Donna - We have an angel that has topped our tree for about 25 years. She is still beautiful, still lights up, and her movements are as lovely as ever. She's one of our Christmas traditions, and I can't imagine our tree without her.

  16. We have a crocheted angel that a friend gave to us before we even had almost 30 years? Like Lisa, I can't imagine not having our angel on the tree. It's nothing fancy, but it reminds me of a wonderful friendship...and love.

    (I feel like I've missed so much-when my laptop fritzed on me, I got behind with my blogger friends. But now I'm all caught up in Donna's World. At least until the 8th. :-)

  17. Hi Betty,
    Love the tin star top. We used to have daisy chain decorations made out of crepe paper and glue.

    Hi Lisa,
    I love my angels, but the star looks nice, too.

    Hi Cathy,
    What a wonderful gift--friendship and love.

    And I'm curious about what's going on on the 8th. I'll have to hop on over to your blog to find out.


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