Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crazy for Calendars

This time of the year I go crazy for calendars.

I can't help myself. I justify buying them or picking up my complimentary copies from church or businesses because it's a way for me to get organized for the new year, keep up with family and school and sporting events, and track my goals, plus I just love calendars, especially pretty ones.

Today at Barnes and Noble I spent some time looking at the calendars, which were reduced by 50 percent. That's my kind of sale. I didn't buy one, but I've got my eye on a couple and might return later if I can justify buying another one, even if only to look at the pretty pictures. (I'm easily amused.)

I feel guilty wanting to have another calendar because I already have these:

2011 Saints from the Catholic Extension, which has been "providing Catholic calendars for nearly one hunderd years." Got this one after Mass from our parish. Each month has a large photo of a saint with a saying from them. This family calendar will be posted above the phone to jot down events.

Weekend Projects 2011 from True Value "Start right. Start here." Picked up this one while paying for keys at the local hardware store. It includes a checklist of monthly projects and things to do around the house. I'll give this one to Walt. He's our weekend projects guy.

2011 black pocket planner with my name embossed in gold from the Lakota children at the St. Joseph's Indian School, where I donate money sometimes. This one goes in my purse. The folks from St. Joseph Indian School keep sending me free stuff and I feel guilty if I don't send money to pay for the free stuff they send.

2011 Reading Writers calendar. It's free and a very handy way to track submissions and deadlines. I'll print off a copy for each month and keep in a folder or post on the bulletin board in my office to track deadlines and payments.

Blue Mountain Social Butterfly downloadable calendar from Blue Mountain Arts. For birthdays, anniversaries, and such. You have to register to receive it, but it's free and pretty and reminders are delivered to your PC (or laptop). Some folks might hesitate wanting to do that, but I'm trying it to see if it helps me stay on top of events.

So far, that's it, but it's not even January 1st yet, so I'll probably give in and buy a couple more. And I haven't been to the Hallmark store lately, where I usually pick up a free pocket planner.

How about you? Any favorite calendars to recommend?


  1. I like a monthly calendar that is spiral bound so it can lay flat on the counter next to the phone. Haven't gone hunting for one yet...hopefully this weekend!


  2. I know this suggestion involves a calendar where work (from you) is required, but shutterfly.com enables you to make great personalized calendars. In case you're not familiar, you pick out the backgrounds, you can put on birthdays and other special occasions, and photos are easy to import. If I can do it, anyone can...

  3. Hi Pat,
    Sounds like a winner. Happy hunting!

    Hi Sioux,
    I will check out the site. Thanks!


  4. Donna, I loved this post! I go "crazy for calendars", too!! As you know, I also browsed through the different day planners, etc. yesterday. Gosh...too many to choose from, as far as the covers go, but pretty much all the same on the inside. (hey...kind of like people!)I still have to go back, also, and try to find the one that is Just Right for me! AND, as far as online calendars to recommend, here's a great place: www.kristensguide.com

  5. I'm crazy for calendars, too. My sister makes one up with pictures of my niece and nephew so I love that one. :) I also have one about Italy (been once, need to go again!) I sometimes get one of those Page A Day calendars. I also use the calendar/planner on my iPhone. Oh, and I'm waiting to see when the Bylines Writing Calendar comes out...

  6. Donna, if I forget to order my calendar from our local monastery, I use our freebie from church. The monks take gorgeous pictures from the grounds and use these wonderful and inspiring quotes. Plus, my few bucks help the monastery. It's the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA if you want to take a peek at the other goodies they offer.

    The Beneficent Mr. Hall always gets me a desk calendar...I've used the one from The New Yorker for years (it's got tons of those NY cartoons inside), but this year he ordered one from American Express for extra-cheap. I use a desk calendar at night to write down all the writing stuff I did that day. You'd be surprised how often I go back to check on something.

    And I use the Reading Writers calendar, too. It's stuck up on my bulletin board over my desk. You'd think with all those calendars I'd be super efficient. Um, not so much. :-)

    (Happy New Year, Donna! May all your days be filled with love, laughter, and writing success!)

  7. Hi Becky,

    Thanks! I will check out Kristensguide.I'm always looking for ideas and free stuff.

    Hi Madeline,
    The calendar with photos of your niece and nephew sounds lovely. Italy? Oh, what a beautiful place. I'm not sure about what's up with Bylines Desk Calendar this year. I checked Sylvia's website and nothing was posted. But it's always a good one.

    Hi Cathy,
    The monaestery calendar sounds lovely. I will check out their site and probably get on another mailing list of places to send money. The Beneficient Mr. Hall sounds like such a kind man--must be why you've given him the name beneficient.
    Last night I looked over my calendar from this year and was surprised at how much work I'd done.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Cathy. Hope it's peaceful, prosperous, healthy and happy!


  8. Donna, count me in. I, too, love calendars. When the new school year begins, I usually get one that goes through to the end of the school year. But when the new year begins, I get new ones for that. There is one in the kitchen, on my desk, two in my purse, and one in my address book so I can mark down when I mailed off a bill,cards, etc. I had mentioned in a previous post how old calendars are great resources for writing ideas. I also have to make sure that my main calendar will fit in my purse. Sometimes my favorites have been too bulky to carry. I like large squares. Thanks for the references for other calendars. We even received one from our fire department last week. Have a wonderful 2011, Donna. Thank you very much for noting submission opportunities and keeping us in the loop.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Guess it's a writer's thing with calendars. I agree about old calendars being great resources for writing ideas.
    Thank you for being a regular visitor.
    Wishing you a joyful and healthy new year.


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