Friday, October 15, 2010

O'Reilly, and Whoopi, and Joy--Oh, My!

Even though there wasn't a full moon yesterday, it was a weird day.

On the national scene, Bill O'Reilly and two of the ladies on The View got into a heated discussion over who was responsible for what happened on 9/11. After Bill made some remarks that seemed insensitive, Joy and Whoopi got spitting mad and stormed off the set. They eventually returned, but the passions and emotions ran high on both sides of that couch.

In my little world, my usually sweet-natured grandson Michael was in a foul mood when I picked him up from school. He turns 12 next week, so maybe it's his hormones kicking in, but I think the next few years are going to be interesting.

Then, my 16-year-old granddaughter had a volleyball game. She forgot half her gear at home, so I drove it to her school after picking up Michael. Then she called to tell me she forgot one more item, so I drove to her game, which was at another school. Her team won the first set, lost the second, then lost 30-28 in the final. No smiles on the way home. After dropping her off at a friend's house to do homework (or so she said), I headed for the grocery store.

The strangest thing happened there. I was bent down look at something on a bottom shelf when I overheard a father say something that I found creepy to his young son who was sitting in the shopping cart. Their cart was heading in the opposite direction, and by the time I stood up the man was skip-walking down the aisle. At first I couldn't believe what I heard, then I wondered what to do. I didn't see the man on any other aisled and won't go into details, but what the guy said to his son was disturbing, even if he was just joking around.

When I got home I asked my husband Walt if he thought it was weird and he agreed it was. Then he told me about Michael's football practice. Apparently, the coach had a tirade and lectured the parents. Maybe it's the changing seasons affecting people's moods?

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I should've at least tracked that man in the grocery store down and told him that what he said to his son, even in jest, wasn't right. But I had a bad experience after speaking up to a bully.

I'll tell that story next week.


  1. Oh, Momma said there'd be days like this :-)

    Just read about Bill and The View ladies this morning. Good old Barbara stepped in and made everyone play nice! Too bad Barbara couldn't step in at the grocery store. It's always risky to step into those situations...Hope your weekend is um, less weird? :-)

  2. There is definitely something in the air right now. You have to be very careful and choose your battles in public. Last night, in my local Target parking lot, a mother had left her four children ranged 9mo to 8yo alone in the car while she shopped. A nice woman was walking into the store and noticed the oldest girl was chasing one of her little brothers around in the dark parking lot. The children were oblivious as they darted amongst the cars. The woman,unaware there were other kids, got the runners to go inside the store just as their mother was walking out. The screaming on both sides became unintelligible once the concerned woman and store staff found out about the other two kids still in the car. By the time the police arrived they had quite the mess.

  3. On days like that, I always check to see if it's time for a full moon.

  4. It's not always the full moon that is responsible. Sometimes it's the barometric pressure...

    There are times when you speak up, but it might make it worse for the kid once they get home (and away from witnesses). I don't know if abuse was being "joked" about, but sometimes a remark from a well-meaning bystander will anger the adult, and they take it out on the kid in private. However, you also want to stand up for a child and let them see an adult take their side and be an advocate for them. It's a tough row to hoe...

  5. I came over to visit from Terri Tiffany's blog. I am thrilled to see you have read Trixie Belden, she was an absolute favorite of mine and I haven't run across anyone else that mentions her.

    We could chalk the mood swings up to el nino, or nina, whichever it is this year.

  6. Oh Donna...I just left a long and FABULOUS comment, but somehow it disappeared! Aacckkk!! Another Barometric Pressure Incident!! In short...I agree about it being hard to know when or if to speak up.

  7. I hate situations like that, and for the reasons you all said. Nice to know I'm not alone, though!

  8. Hi Donna - Wow. You didn't just have a day. You had a DAY! I hope the next few are lighthearted enough to ease the pressure.


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