Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes Strike St. Charles County Last Night

A wicked storm system pounded St. Charles County last night. Around 8 p.m. the wind picked up speed, thunder rumbled, lightning streaked through the dark sky, and tornado sirens started shrieking.

I popped out on the back deck and snapped a few photos before the rain and hail started.

By the time the storm blew over, my neighborhood had received mostly wind damage. This morning while I drove to the store I saw a tree split in half a few blocks away, but about five miles northeast, in St. Charles City, a tornado touched down.

My sister-in-law's brother's roof was blown off and power was knocked out for most of that area. Fortunately, no one in their family was hurt.

A local high school had their graduation ceremony cancelled due to damage to the Family Arena in St. Charles--which is the same location where my granddaughter's graduation ceremony was held last week.  What a difference a week makes!

Last night my granddaughter was at the movies, and the theater was evacuated until the storm passed. Also last night, the Cardinals baseball game was postponed until today.

Thunderstorms and tornadoes are a way of life in the spring in "tornado alley," which includes Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and much of the mid-section of the United States.

When I was 18, our home in St. Ann was damaged by wind when a tornado touched down just blocks away from our street.  Our damage was minor, just some windows blown out in my bedroom. But that was a frightening experience for me, and it instilled in me a respect for storm warnings and made me realize that no matter how powerful we think we are, ultimately we are not in control.

My heart goes out to anyone affected by this latest round of thunderstorms and tornadoes, especially in Missouri and Oklahoma, which was hit once again with deadly storms.


  1. Lots of "stuff" in our neck of woods too last night. I had just showered and put on nightgown when they called for taking cover. We waited this one out and things were okay. Never know!

  2. Glad you're all OK. That bullet dodged us, but we're on about our fourth round of flooding this spring. Thank goodness we live high and dry, and have alternate routes to town.

  3. Hi Claudia,
    Glad to hear you are okay.

    Hi Val,
    Glad you live on high ground. The flooding hits Old Town St. Peters, which is nearer to the Mississippi, but it would take some doing to make it to us.


  4. Glad you are safe. It was crazy weather!

  5. Such strange and scary weather we've been having. Hope things settle down soon.

    Critter Alley

  6. I drove by Earth City yesterday and couldn't believe how the wind tore down those huge highway signs that tell what restaurants, gas stations, etc are coming up at an exit. One was completely bent over backwards. We were in our basement that night--the dog, Katie, and my parents. It's just too scary even 20 miles away!

  7. Glad you and your gang are okay. My heart goes out to those affected too. Friends of ours were vacationing out your way and were actually at the Cardinals game (well, the one that got cancelled!). They were glad they were able to stay to see it the next day.

  8. Being away in the Smokies I was without interenet or phone signal, so was pretty clueless - until I came off the 364 bridge on Monday to a sea of blue tarps covering my condo complex. What a sinking feeling replaced the joy from my trip. But my home and "stuff" are all okay, with only minor water damage. Joy returned to see my husband's smile and roses in a vase on the kitchen counter. Thank You, Lord!

  9. So glad you managed to stay out of harm's way. Tornado season here in Atlanta runs March through October, but although we've had some touch downs they don't compare to what you folks go through. Scary stuff.

  10. Was glad y'all managed okay. Broke my heart to see the devastation in Oklahoma! I watched Miranda Lambert try to sing a song on that special (Blake Shelton rounded up a ton of performers) and when she started crying, I got choked up, too.

    It'll be a long time coming before those folks mend.

  11. Until you "see" it you don't always think too much about it - even just seeing a tree uprooted makes you realize the power...
    I'll have to remember to see the movie, The Great Gatsby from your previous post.

  12. Hi Linda, Pat, Margo, Karen, Marcia, Lisa, Cathy, and Lynn,
    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I was on vacation then out of town for a college visit. Thanks for all your comments and words of comfort. The storms once again prove we are not in control.
    You all are the best!


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