Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Sweet it Is

Receiving awards is always fun, but receiving an award from a friend is extra special.

Thank you, Lynn Obermoeller, at Present Letters for giving me this sweet award several days ago.

Sorry I didn't post about it sooner, but I received it just before I left to go out of town and am just now catching up with my posts.

With accepting this award, I'm supposed to do the following:

Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated me. (Thank you, Lynn.)

Answer Five Super Sweet questions. (See my answers below.)

Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in my blog post. (Done.)

Nominate a baker's dozen other bloggers. (Since by now just about all the bloggers I know have  received this award, I invite any of my visitors who have not received this award to please accept it with my compliments.)

Here are the super sweet questions and my answers:

1. Cookies or Cake? Angel food cake with strawberries on top. But chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies also make my tummy smile.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate - dark. My mouth waters just thinking about dark chocolate molasses puffs and Mounds bars. I also like chocolate chip ice cream.

3. Favorite Sweet Treat? Gosh. My answer depends on the time of the year, so I'll answer by the four seasons: Spring: Strawberry shortcake. Summer: Lemon meringue pie. Fall: Pumpkin bread. Winter: Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. All year long: licorice.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? In the evening after dinner. Also when I'm driving, I like to gnaw on strawberry Twizzlers.

5. Sweet Nickname?  Dudley. My husband gave me that nickname early in our marriage, which is a smushing together of my first name Donna and my maiden name Duly.

How about you? What are your favorite sweet treats? And do you have a nickname?


  1. Donna--I like what you did--listing your favorites for each season.

    I hope your trip was an enjoyable and relaxing one.

  2. Just about anything sweet sounds good to me...and sadly, my tummy shows it!

    Critter Alley

  3. I love two of your favorites -- dark chocolate (with sea salt for me) and lemon meringue pie. So if you know where to get some good pie, let me know. I've yet to attempt meringue. Isn't that terrible?

  4. Dark chocolate fan right here! So. Good!

  5. Mmm...Mounds! That means you don't feel like a nut.

  6. Hi Sioux,
    It was a wonderful trip!

    Hi Pat,
    Me, too!

    Hi Clara,

    Hi Sheree,
    Tippins lemon meringue is pretty good.

    Hi Lisa,
    Dark chocolate rocks!

    Hi Val,
    Yep. Hubby likes Almond Joy, so I guess he feels like a nut.


  7. Thanks for your comments at Live & Learn. I wanted to give blogging a rest and work on some other interests that have been blooming but will still make the rounds to read posts. We got a small amount of rain from all the chaos that went through OK and your neck of the woods. We are still in drought conditions but the region is picking up. Hope your summer is going well:)

  8. I'm trying to like dark chocolate more but still prefer milk chocolate. Love the nickname "Dudley" - it reminds me of Dudley Do-right, an all around good and ethical person like you. My childhood nickname was Marshmallow Soup Skinny, based on my real name of Marcia Sue Minney. And I do so still love marshallows, especially covered in milk chocolate! Alas, due to that love I am no longer skinny. My other nickname is Mani, used by family since my teens. It is my sister's short version of "hermana" which is Spanish for "sister". Glad you had a good time away!

  9. Hi Sally,
    You are so welcome. I hope you keep at your sewing. I love looking at pix of your quilts and other projects. You are so gifted.

    Hi Marcia,
    You are so sweet, and I love your nicknames.

  10. Thanks for playing along - that was super sweet and it's nice to know more about friends... things you don't always think about. Love your nickname! It has about the same ring to it as Lester!

  11. Hi Lynn, Thanks again for giving me the award. You are too sweet!


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