Thursday, August 9, 2012

Confession Time: Why Aren't You Writing?

Confession time: Lately I haven't been writing as much as I'd like to and haven't produced as much as I usually do. (Hey, did I just create a poem?)

I've taken a three-month hiatus from doing book reviews, my blog posts have been less frequent lately, and a couple of new short stories I started months ago are simmering on my writing shelf.

Blame it on the summer doldrums. Or maybe it's the dog days of summer--if you live in the Midwest or just about anywhere in the CONUS (continental US), you know what I'm talking about. The heat has zapped my energy, including slowing me down from putting words on paper.

Lately I've been blaming the summer olympics. The Olympics happen only once in every four years, and so I need to watch them instead of typing words on a computer, right?

Whatever the reason excuse, my writing production isn't where I'd like it to be. While my writing hasn't totally stopped, it is down to a trickle. I am reading in my spare time, and I still go to critique group each week, so that counts--at least I think it does.

How about you? Are you writing more or less this summer? If you're writing more, what's your trick to stay motivated? If less, what's your excuse?


  1. Hi Donna, When we got to Nova Scotia, I had planned to settle into writing because we were stopped there for a month. But we'd been on the road having both wonderful adventures and some disconcerting ones too. When we stopped, I froze. I felt like it was too much pressure to say okay now stop and write! So gradually, I gave myself permission to goof off. I think we writers are the only ones who think we aren't allowed to EVER goof off. But I decided it would be okay to NOT strive or toil for anything for a while ... and trust it would be okay. I hope I'm right!!!!

  2. Definitely the heat! We're not used to so many 100+ degree days!! I've been extremely lazy in ALL things that I "should be doing," and have the "I don't care" attitude, too! Yay for all of us who've been taking it easy for a while. Most women don't "allow" themselves that luxury, do they? A couple of last words: I AM writing more than usual, though! I have that deadline goal meet! Great post, Donna! (do you think I use enough exclamation points??!!)

  3. I've been busy working on a ms for a conference in the fall and the deadline to sub materials keeps me on task. A deadline often helps me (although this one stressed me out!) and guides my work's direction but there's nothing wrong with taking a break or taking it easier when you need to - the trick is to recognize that's what you're doing and not actually procrastinating. :)

  4. Having been missing seeing your name on my list! Glad to know all is well...other than the heat. I think all feel the is like your core gets hot and can't cool off even in the AC...cooler here today but NOT cool. Rest up!

  5. I'm writing about the same as in the spring - which wasn't much due to my mil's illness. Now that she is better, I am working hard to get motivated and stay disciplined. I am about to take a blog break which should free up a little time to work on some projects. I've also been slowly reorganizing my office. A neat office helps me focus better. :)

    Cheering you on in the motivation department!

    Have a good weekend,

  6. Hi Melissa,
    What a wonderful trip you've been on, and I think you're right. It is okay to take a break.

    Hi Becky,
    Good to know you're writing again. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work!!!!!!! Those !!!! must be contagious. ;-)

    Hi Madeline,
    So true about deadlines being motivators.

    Hi Claudia,
    I'm going to try to visit more blogs as well as write more frequently.

    Hi Karen,
    I definitely need to straighten up my office to help me focus.


  7. Lately too many things have gotten in the way of writing, but I will definitely write more starting today. (Norman Vincent Peale taught me that)

    Critter Alley

  8. I still churn out a daily post on two different blogs. Unfortunately, I get sidetracked reading Big Brother updates before doing any real writing. Shame on me. But I have good intentions...

  9. Hi Pat,
    Good for you!

    Hi Val,
    Your blog posts are great!


  10. Thought I wouldn't be so busy, but the combination of heat and lots of other stuff to do has kept me from writing as much, also.

  11. I've actually been writing more this summer and have a couple freelance assignments in the works. I think traveling has motivated me. I always have more to say and feel energized when I travel. I just wish I had more time to write. My full-time job is really getting in the way right now.

  12. Hi Mary,
    The heat has been awful this summer.

    Hi Julian,
    That's great news. Wish I could take a trip somewhere soon.


  13. Donna:
    I think it's a common problem. I think I am probably about the same now, but when it first started getting light at 5:45 and Katie was waking up then, I was SOOOOO tired. I was writing less. She has gotten over that now. Thank GOD! :)

  14. My writing has been in spurts lately... can relate.

  15. Hi Margo,
    Yay! I'm thinking once the grandkiddos go back to school I'll get back into the habit of writing more.

    Hi Lynn,
    Thanks. Maybe the cooler weather will bring some inspiration.


  16. I too blame the heat. It even makes people drive crazy. Makes me feel like a big ol' sweaty slug.

  17. Hi Tammy,
    It's true that the heat makes people crazy--and grumpy.

  18. When Papa went into the hospital I needed a break from everything. Trying to get back on track, but summer does make it harder. There is always something to do!


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