Monday, August 13, 2012

Angry Momma Birds Update

Last month I posted about two vigilant momma birds tending their nests in the sweltering heat right outside our front door.

The momma robin's nest was planted in the center of our lilac bush near our porch, which didn't offer a lot of shade in the blazing heat. The mourning dove's nest was in the center of a hanging plant on the side of the porch, which offered more shade and cooler temperatures.

Every day I filled our bird bath with cool water to help the mommas stay hydrated. Sadly, the heat took its took on the momma robin. She either perished or simply abandoned her nest. She was there one morning then did not return.

Her four beautiful light blue eggs remain unhatched.

The mourning dove momma had a happier ending. After weeks, the mourning dove eggs hatched. First one, then the other, with momma swooping back and forth across the front yard, from the maple tree to the roof and back to her nest.

You can catch a glimpse of the chicks in the center of the plant. See their tiny black eyes and pointy beaks?

The chicks survived the record-breaking temperatures and eventually flew out of the nest. They made some practice landings in the gravel beneath the plant. Now they can be heard, along with their momma, cooing from our rooftop.

While I'm happy the two mourning dove chicks survived, I'm sad that the momma robin never returned and her eggs didn't hatch. I can't help but wonder what happened to her and am not sure what to do with the abandoned eggs.


  1. It is amazing that anything lived this summer. Doves will stick close to you now if nothing happens...they have a lovely coo. We are already missing our house wrens...gone for the year is my guess. Hummingbirds dart about as they are now migrating. I am seeing titmice which I have not seen before. They will stay too if they get enough to eat...

    Isn't the weather something today? Here is so cloudy and coolish that when the breeze blows one feels a tiny chill! A what? :)

  2. Mother Nature sure doesn't guarantee anything, does she? This summer has been a tough one for many critters.

    Critter Alley

  3. Yes, it's so sad when wild animals don't make it, and we witness the death/abandonment.

    I guess it's too late to keep those eggs warm in your armpits until they hatch? Oh well...

  4. I've been hearing mourning doves more than usual this summer, it seems. Glad your little family survived. Sorry about the robins.

  5. Isn't it funny, how we can get so worked up about birds? My wrens didn't show up this year to nest on my back porch and my husband thought I was being silly, missing the wrens. But I wondered what happened to them and was a little bummed all summer long. So I completely understand--and celebrate the doves!

    And P.S. If the good Lord wanted us to stay inside and write, He wouldn't make summer so glorious (and beaches SO inviting)! :-) I know you'll start writing--and wowing--before Labor Day rolls around!

  6. Those eggs are such a beautiful blue color. We have a roaming tom cat that has gotten many eggs in our yard. If they can be reached something will eventually claim them, likely for a meal.

  7. Hi Claudia,
    The past few days have been lovely.

    Hi Pat,
    You're right about the summer being a killer.

    Hi Sioux,
    The eggs are so pretty, too bad the momma bird did all that hard work and no babies.

    Hi Karen,
    The sound of mourning doves is soothing, I think.

    Hi Cathy,
    Sorry about your wrens.

    Hi Sally,
    There aren't many cats in our neighborhood, but lots of dogs.



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