Monday, July 16, 2012

William Least Heat-Moon Calls for Action in Response to Proposed Closure of MU Press

The proposed closure of the Missoui University Press or reorganization of the press into a new model continues to enrage and sadden writers, educators, alumni, and others passionate about saving the respected press.

In yesterday's Columbia Daily Tribune, William Least Heat-Moon, MU alumni and acclaimed writer and teacher, spoke out against the move and called on others to take action.

At the conclusion of his passionate column, "Fit for Print," he offered a five-figure initial donation to establish an endowment to continue the press in its present form "if the proposal for closure is rescinded." He also called others to join him "with a contribution appropriate to their means."

Least Heat-Moon is best-selling author of "Blue Highways" and "Roads to Quoz." His latest book, "Here, There, Everywhere," is slated for release later this year by Little Brown and Company.


  1. We loved BLUE HIGHWAYS! It's wonderful that William Least Heat-Moon is stepping up to the plate and taking action to save a long time and highly acclaimed university press.

    I didn't know about his forthcoming book. Thanks, Donna, for sharing!

  2. Hooray for William Least Heat-Moon. That's a true hero.


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