Thursday, July 5, 2012

Angry Momma Birds Protect their Nests in the Sizzling Heat

With record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures lately, it's not easy to stay cool. Yesterday I was out shopping for a few more birthday gifts for my husband, who is celebrating a big birthday today. (Happy birthday, Honey!)

Running from store-to-store in my air-conditioned car zapped my strength. I was happy to get home and have a large glass of iced tea.

Outside, the lawn is turning brown and my flowers are wilting. The birdbath, which has been moved under a tree for more shade, is a popular place for not only birds, but also wasps and bees. Too bad it's not bigger or I might be tempted . . .

Amid all this heat and humidity, I've found two maternal heroes - a momma robin and a momma mourning dove. While watering plants and flowers, I'm trying to avoid disrupting them from minding their nests.   

Momma Mourning Dove has taken residence in a hanging planter on my front porch. Momma Robin is caring for her eggs in the lilac bush beside the porch.

Today when I tried to get some photos of their nests, I got a tad too close and they let me know about it.  Momma Robin screeched and dive-bomed until I backed up while Momma Mourning Dove hopped on the roof and called for help. So, I retreated to the porch and took some shots from a safe distance. Momma grizzlies got nothing on angry momma birds.

So, while the heat is taking a toll on humans, at least we have our air conditioned retreats. Heroic momma birds seek out cool, shady spots while they vigilantly await the birth of their chicks. I'm awaiting the birth of the hatchlings too, but I'm keeping a safe distance.


  1. Oh, I know how birds can be! You may have to go in and out of your house through your garage door for a while!

  2. I feel sorry for the birds and wildlife period. We keep three bird baths going but the water gets so warm so fast! They flock in though.
    This morning I got locked out of the house on the west side in morning sun (and hubby could not hear the phone!). I am too old now to climb the fence so I called friend with the key but boy was I hot until she got here! I feel like a bird with no feathers or birdbath!

  3. My mom has a little bird that builds a nest behind her porch light every year. Her only complaint is the pile of twig crumbs that fall onto the porch right in front of the door. No attacks so far, even though she sweeps up the mess every morning.

  4. Poor birds since it is so hot, but I guess they know how to deal with it, although the deer are really enjoying our pond!

  5. I love it when birds nest where we can observe, but oh that poor mama in the heat.

  6. Hi Claudia,
    So sorry you got locked out of the house. It had to be a miserable experience.

    Hi Val,
    Those momma birds always seem to find a place to have their chicks, and the rest of us mommas respect that.

    Hi Lynn,
    It's good the deer have a place to go for water. My niece's husband raises deer and they have a bit water trough for them. Yesterday she said the trough was full of birds seeking water and shade.

    Hi Linda,
    Yep. I'm with you about the poor momma. Oh, and your new picture is great!


  7. We had white wing doves in a hanging planter on our patio last year. They returned for three nestings. Very cool to watch :)

    Happy Weekend!

  8. No one is tougher than a mama defending her baby. Hope the chicks safely arrive soon!

    Critter Alley

  9. Pretty picture, and I enjoyed it all the more knowing you didn't have to stress out those already heat-stressed mommas in order to take it!

  10. Hi Carol,
    I'm watching and hoping the hatchlings come out okay.

    Hi Pat,
    Yep, I give those mommas a lot of room.

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks. They seem better today with the cooler temperature. Although who would think 97 is cool?


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