Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Ash Wednesday Morning Conversation and a Poem from T. S. Eliot

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season, a time that symbolizes our mortality and our need for repentance.

In our household it means giving up something we like, or doing something extra (like a chore) we don't like--oh, and not eating meat today or on Fridays during Lent.

Here's how my Ash Wednesday began.

My granddaughter, getting ready to leave for school: Can you grab me a bottle of water from the fridge?

Me: I put a cold Dr. Pepper in for you last night. I thought that's what you like for lunch.

Gd (in a sad voice): Um. Yep, I do. Thanks a lot for reminding me. I gave up soda for Lent.

Me: Oops. Sorry. I forgot. (I do that a lot in the morning--and the rest of the day for that matter.)

Gd: What did you give up?

Me: Candy.

Gd: But you don't eat that much candy. (She is so sweet.)

Me: I try not to, but put a box of Good and Plenty in front of me and I can't resist.

Gd, heading out the door to her car: Those things are nasty. Gotta go.

Me to Grandson, who's eating a bowl of cereal while I'm making his lunch: Is a peanut butter sandwich okay?

Gs: How about pizza rolls?

Me: Can't eat meat today.

Gs: Then I guess so. 

Me, as I make his lunch: What are you giving up for Lent?

Gs: I don't know.

Me: How about candy?

Gs: I don't know.

Me: How about soda?

Gs: I don't know.

Me, after he finishes breakfast: Did you remember to brush your teeth?

Gs: Yes.

Me: Do you have your study sheet for your Science test?

Gs: Yes.

Me: Did you dab your medicine on your face?

Gs: Yes.

Me, as he walks to the door: Did you decide what you want to give up for Lent?

Gs: Listening. (Ha. Ha)

Me: Instead of giving something up, why not do something extra around the house?

Gs: Maybe.

Me: How about taking out the trash?

Gs (grinning): Maybe. Or I could give up my X-Box.

Me: Seriously?

Gs, laughing as he walks out the door for carpool: Just kidding.

Me (wondering): What am I gonna fix for supper?

For all you poetry lovers, here's a link to the poem "Ash Wednesday" by T. S. Eliot.


  1. I am still waiting to hear what the rest of my family has decided to do, I gave up Facebook games. It's a choice isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sheila,
    You are welcome, and good luck with the Facebook fast.

  3. Hi Donna,
    I'm not a very religious person nowadays but being raised Catholic I am still aware of these special days. My mom asked me yesterday what I was going to give up and just rolled my eyes at her. Then I actually thought about it. What I am going to work on is not being angry and starting to let go of grudges that are years old. Hopefully by the time Lent is over, I will have a new perspective.

  4. Hi Rebeca,
    Sounds like a good plan and much harder to do than giving up candy. ;) I need to work on doing the same things.

  5. I love kids! Candy is my best friend-worst enemy.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Me too. If I ever want to hear the total truth about how I look, I ask my grandkids.

  6. I love the way your grandson elaborates and different from most teenagers (ha).

  7. Hi Sioux,
    Yep. Once he hit 13 last fall his vocabulary turned into mostly nods and grunts.
    How did that happen?

  8. This discussion highlights the entire lack of discipline in my life. Perhaps that's what I most need to work on for Lent (and every day thereafter!)

    Critter Alley

    1. Hi Pat,
      I bet you are more disciplined than you think.

  9. Thanks for sharing the exchange; it made me smile. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I give up too many things all the time... he he he.

  11. Good luck with the candy. Don't cheat.
    Happy Weekend!

  12. Hi Karen,
    You are welcome.

    Hi Lynn,
    I don't give up enough, but I should.

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks. So far I haven't cheated, unless you count a cough drop as candy.

    Hi Mary,
    Me too. See you Thursday.



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