Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spotlight On - Dianna Graveman and 2 Rivers Communications and Design

As a freelance writer, I'm happy when I am given assignments and get paid for what I love to do -- write. And I'm inspired when I hear about other freelancers who make the most of their writing gifts. 

Dianna Graveman is a dynamic writer and friend who has done just that. Her talent, enthusiasm, and energy are inspiring.

Dianna Graveman is a freelance writer, a teacher, a speaker, and an editor who recently established her own communications business: 2 Rivers Communications & Design

I've known Dianna for almost ten years through Saturday Writers, and for about eight years through the Missouri Writers' Guild. Over the past year we have become even better friends through In Vino Veritas (in wine there is truth), a small group of writing friends who get together each month. At IVV we exchange ideas, discuss writing, share stories, and talk about whatever else comes to mind --- oh, and we also toast our accomplishments with a glass of wine.

During a recent IVV dinner I was excited to learn about Dianna's latest venture: 2 Rivers Communications & Design. Her new enterprise specializes in offering business communications and editorial services for any size project. With Dianna's experience in writing, publishing, teaching, marketing, and corporate communications, she delivers high quality products and services.

What's so impressive to me is the wide-range of services Dianna provides from editing manuscripts, writing newsletters, producing brochures, speaking, even designing business cards and menus.

And I know from experience the quality of Dianna's services and her reliability to deliver more than what is expected.

Several years ago when I was President of the Missouri Writers' Guild and looking for a contest judge, I asked Dianna if she would help out. She did not hesitate and got her results to me earlier than the deadline. When I needed a speaker for Saturday Writers, Dianna and her husband Don talked to our group about the historic books they co-wrote. When I wanted to interview a published writer on my blog, she agreed and also has donated copies of her books as giveaways. I know for a fact that she has done the same to help other writers.

Dianna is the current editor for the Missouri Writers' Guild newsletter, and she has done a remarkable job with the design and content of the newsletter and has testimonials to prove it!

So, if you're looking for a talented writer to edit your manuscript, need a creative mind to design your blog or develop Power Point charts for a business presentation, or if you need help with any writing project, I highly recommend Dianna Graveman. She is a gifted writer with lots of creative ideas who delivers a quality product on time. If you'd like more info about Dianna or 2 Rivers Communications and Design, visit her website.


  1. Wow, what a glowing recommendation, Donna! Thanks to you for all you do -- your testimonial and input for the website, your column for the MWG newsletter, and all the help you've given me and other writers over the years. I am proud and honored to call you friend!

  2. Hi Dianna,
    You are so welcome. It is nothing less than you deserve.
    And thank you for your kind words.


  3. Oh, and if anyone reads this and wants to stop by my Facebook page (and maybe "Like" it), you can find it at:

  4. It's an honor to know both of you gals!

  5. Dianna is definitely a local success story. Many congrats on her new adventure!


  6. Stopping by your FB page to LIKE now....

  7. Hi Pat,
    You are right, and thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Melissa,
    I'm sure Dianna appreciates it.


  8. Donna--I don't know Dianna well but the two conversations I've had--albeit brief ones--along with her blog have convinced me of one thing: she's a talented and deep-thinking writer.

    (If there is truth in wine, is there MORE truth with more wine?)

  9. Hello Donna!

    I'm just stopping by to tell you that I've awarded you and your blog with the One Lovely Blog Award! Congrats! Collect it Over Yonder... whenever you have the time!

  10. Again, thanks to all for your kind comments! And thanks, Melissa, for the Like!

  11. She sounds like a go getter and an inspiration to all writers. I think it is great when writers help writers. I'll be going over to your facebook page, too.


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