Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Michael

It's hard to believe my grandson Michael is officially a teenager today. We now have two teenagers in our household.

Michael had a great birthday celebration. Last night he got his own cell phone and some money, and we went out to dinner. He picked the restaurant.

Today he got a new dirt bike from his other grandparents, some St. Louis Cardinals' gear from his sister, clothes, and other cool gifts. Because the Cards are in the World Series he didn't have to wear his school uniform and got to wear his Cardinals' shirt and hat to school.

I'm not the greatest photographer, but here's a photo I took of him after he got home from school this afternoon.

While he was at school I baked his favorite cake. The name on the recipe is Texas Sheet Cake, but since the Cardinals are playing the Texas Rangers in the World Series, I'm just calling it Michael's Favorite Chocolate Sheet Cake.

So, happy birthday to our teenage grandson, Michael! Hope you enjoy your cake!


  1. What a handsome young man, Donna. (And I know that cake. It's delicious! He has good taste.)

  2. Your grandson is a handsome, wholesome looking young man. Happy birthday to a boy I know you are proud of.

  3. He's a cutie! Great timing by the Cardinals, so he could wear his birthday gear to school.

    I have a thirteen-year-old son, and I'm enjoying every minute until he turns fourteen. That seems to be the age when my older son became smarter than me overnight!

  4. Congrats to Michael and your whole family, Donna!

  5. Sounds like Michael is getting a wonderful birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Michael! Enjoy that cake!!!


  6. Happy Birthday to another October 20th guy!

  7. Hi Sioux, Linda, Val, Dianna, Pat, and Becky,
    Thanks, everyone for your birthday wishes for Michael.
    I had to sample his cake, and it tasted good!

  8. Sorry to be late for the party! A very HAPPY belated Birthday to your good looking grandson, Michael! Hope his birthday wishes come true. He's sure lucky to have you for a grandmother, but I can tell that he makes you real proud!


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