Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Update on Joplin Tornado - Writing through the Pain

I have a bit of uplifting news to pass along from the Joplin writing community.

The Joplin Chapter of the Missouri Writers' Guild, in conjunction with the MWG and other MWG chapters, is planning to produce an anthology.

The tentative theme for the anthology is weather. All the proceeds from sales of the anthology will go to buy books for schools in Joplin.

The anthology is in the early planning stage, but as details are finalized I will post them here.

Until then, please continue to pray for the residents of Joplin, the Joplin and Missouri writing community, and everyone across the United States affected by the tornadoes this spring.


  1. Hi Donna! I think this is a cool idea, too. Please stop by Saturday Writers later today, because I'll be posting what we, Sat Writers, as a chapter of MWG, will be doing for Joplin. Thanks!

  2. Sending lots of prayers.Look forward to hearing more from you on this.

  3. Hi Becky,
    Thanks. I'll do that.

    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks. I'll keep you posted.


  4. Wonderful idea! Will continue to send prayers!

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated. God bless.

  6. Hi Tammy,

    Hi Lisa,
    You are welcome, and thanks!


  7. What a great idea. Thanks!

  8. Donna, Mozark Press would like to help with this important project. I'm a firm believer in therapeutic writing! Linda

  9. Hi Lynn and Linda (Mozark Press),
    From what I've been told, the Joplin Chapter president came up with the idea and the MWG and other chapters are going to help out.
    And I agree about writing being therapeutic.


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