Monday, May 23, 2011

The Tornado in Joplin

My heart is heavy this morning thinking about all the Missourians in the Southwest corner of our state in Joplin who have been affected by the deadly tornado that hit yesterday. At bedtime, the news reported 24 dead, but this morning the count is up to 89. I get chills listening to audio reports and watching news footage of the devastation.

Except for thunderstorms that rumbled through early evening, our area was spared. The tornado sirens went off as the sky darkened last night, but the twister abated by the time it got to the Eastern part of the state.

I have the folks from Joplin in my prayers, especially my writing friends who live there. I got to know several writers from Joplin while I served on the board of the Missouri Writers' Guild and later when I served as the president of MWG. I was able to chat with a couple of them at the MWG conference last month.

The Joplin writers are such a talented and generous group. Each year at the MWG conference awards ceremony, the writers at their table have their names called in just about every category. They set the high standard for writers throughout the rest of the state.

While I'm praying for my writing friends and all the residents in Joplin, I realize that life goes on, and one way to work through times like this is to write. So, while my friends in Joplin are on my mind and in my prayers, I'm going to continue to do what I know--and write.


  1. Donna, glad you and your family are okay. I'll keep all those suffering in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I got chills when I read your post, Donna. I spoke at the Young Authors Day Conference in the Joplin area several years ago. I loved my visit and the wonderful people I met. Sending lots of prayers!

  3. Hi Clara,
    Thanks. I'm hoping prayers and good wishes will help them get through this difficult time.

  4. It's strange how a powerful tornado can tear through a city, not one single life is lost but another tornado comes through a different city and many lifes are taken.

    I hope all your friends in Joplin are okay...

  5. My thoughts and prayers are in Joplin. I'm adding my prayers on my blog.

  6. Hi Sioux,
    Thanks. It is strange, indeed.

    Hi Buttercup,
    Thanks for your thoughts and kind gesture.


  7. Just found you tonight from a post at Buttercups.
    This is such a tragedy and my heart and prayers also go out to all our friends in Mo.
    So nice to meet you looking forward to being your newest follower

  8. If I'm posting twice, sorry. Something is acting up. But please add my prayers too!!!

  9. I couldn't remember what part of Missouri you lived in, Donna, so I had to pop over here to check on you. My heart goes out to the folks in Joplin. And the fact that they may be facing more storms right now is even more disturbing. We all feel so helpless in a situation like this.

  10. Hi Grandma Golden Hair,
    Thanks for your kind words. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your post. I tried several times, but Google wouldn't let me.

    Hi Tammy,
    I've been having problems posting replies, too. Thanks!

    Hi Patricia,
    It's been a spring for the books. Hope the storms quit soon.


  11. Hi Donna, I hope all your friends are okay. I have a dear friend there too - who I thankfully found out was okay even though his house/business is completely gone. Blessings and love to all in Joplin.


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