Monday, April 11, 2011

Lost and Found

Over the weekend, while I was at the Missouri Writers' Guild "Just Write" Conference (more about that later this week), my hubby and our grandson spent the weekend at our country place in Osage County.

The weekend had near record-breaking temperatures, so Walt and Michael--along with Harley our black lab--took advantage of the warm weather. The guys cut grass, plowed fields, rode four-wheelers, and explored.

Harley ran alongside wherever they went and even took a swim in the Gasconade River, which abuts our property for about a third of a mile.

I took these photos along the riverbank last summer.

While Michael was out exploring, he spotted something poking out of the earth not far from the riverbank. At first he tought they were bleached rocks, but he noticed they were shaped weird. After he dug them out, he saw they were large bones.

Walt confirmed they are bones, probably very old ones, but too big to be deer bones. He thinks they might be remains from a cow, horse, or mule--back from when our "farm" was actually a working farm, decades ago.

When Michael showed me his find last night, his eyes widened, and he held them almost reverently. He asked what kind of bones I thought they are. Not having a clue, I suggested he put them in a bag and take them to school and ask his science teacher.

On the topic of discovery, and in a stroke of coincidence, I received the Woman's Day newsletter today. Low and behold one of the featured articles contained stories about amazing metal detector findings. The stories are fascinating, but the one I will be sure and show Michael is the story about the seven-year-old Virginia boy who unearthed part of a Civil War sword last year.

So, while we await the opinion of Michael's science teacher about the bones, my question is: Have you ever discovered anything mysterious or found something you treasure?


  1. Oh, Donna...the way this started, I was just sure you were going to say that Harley ran off and was LOST!! My heart was already beginning to sink! Thank goodness I was wrong. I can't think of finding anything, off the top of my head! Very cool find for Michael!

  2. Donna, I can't recall finding anything mysterious but I am glad I found you. You are an inspiration, both as a woman and all the hats you wear, and as a writer. It was great seeing you at the conference. Congrats on your win.

  3. Am especially curious to hear what the science teacher thinks, because I once found a large bone in a river at daycamp. I was told it was a cow, too, but the mystery writer in me always wondered....

  4. I once found a leather harness-type of thingy in the upper floor of my grandfather's garage. (His garage was bigger than most barns.) He told me it was something used by the Masons' but of course, wouldn't tell me anything more...

    I, like Tammy, am curious. Give us an update when Michael finds out, please.

    And congratulations on the contest win.

  5. No, drat it. I haven't ever found anything mysterious. Dust bunnies and cobwebs, and those don't count. Please update and let us know what Michael's teacher declares the bones to be. Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. I'm a great fan of The Antique Roadshow, Pickers and Pawn Stars, studying for that moment I discover treasure in trash, alas not yet.

  7. Sometime ask Ellen Massey about the bones her father-in-law found in the cave on their property many years ago. Your grandson might be interested to know the history that COULD be a possibility when you discover unexpected things out in the wild! (BTW, great conference!Great to see you and thanks for your part.)

  8. Hi All,
    Michael's teacher didn't know what kind of bone it is, either.
    I asked Walt if he thought they could be human bones and his response was, "Not unless they're from Andre The Giant."

    Hi Becky,
    Thanks. Michael is still excited.

    Hi Barb,
    Aww. You are so sweet. Speaking of sweet, you did a wonderful job with basket wars at the conference. It's so cool that our basket garnered the highest bid! And it was fun sharing a meal with you on Saturday evening.

    Hi Sioux,
    Sounds like a great title for a mystery. "The Mystery of the Mason's Harness."

    Hi Lisa,
    Still no solution to the mystery.

    Hi Sally,
    It is fun, isn't it? And there's always the possibility of a big find.

    Hi Betty,
    You have intrigued me. I will have to ask Ellen. It was so good to see you again, Betty. You look great, and congratulations on your win!


  9. We have a metal detector and love looking around with it, though, I don't think we have ever found anything real valuable. We dug and dug and dug one day around a big tree, we kept getting this small signal. We finally found an early 1900s standing liberty half dollar. It was on it's end and that is why it was giving such a poor signal. I love finding arrow heads and find them all the time in our garden spot. Finding the arrow heads was the inspiration for a children's story I wrote a few years ago.

  10. We have a metal detector and have found plenty of older coins and that is always fun:) I love finding old things and always wonder about the history. Your time away sounds like it was so nice!


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