Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forgotten English Word for the Day

Today's word from my calendar of "Forgotten English" is quill driver.

Here are two definitions:

From John Hotten's Slang Dictionary, 1887: "A schrivener, a clerk; satrical phrase to 'steel bar driver,' a tailor."

From Francis Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 1796: "A clerk, a scribe, or hackney writer. Brother of the quill, an author."

Of all the definitions, I like "brother of the quill," although "sister of the quill" is more fitting since I'm a woman.

So, here's my sentence: Being a quill driver doesn't pay all my bills, but at times it does give me thrills.


  1. I love the idea of ME "driving" the quill rather than the other way around.
    I also agree with you; "sister of the quill" is cool. It makes me think--perhaps--that the quill and I are working together.

  2. Was that sentence in honor of April being Poetry Month? Because it worked beautifully-:-)

    P.S. Are you ready for some BASEBALL???:-D (See ya in the playoffs!)

  3. I like sister of the quill. Whether we use a computer or a goose feather, we are quill drivers.

  4. I really enjoy these posts on "Forgotten English." I love history, and I love language, so combining the two just makes my day!

  5. I need to become a more dedicated quill driver!


  6. Hi Sioux,
    I agree.

    Hi Cathy,
    I'm no poet. The rhyme isn't the best. And, YES, I'm ready for baseball! Go Cards!

    Hi Linda,
    We are sisters of the quill!

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks. It's fun, isn't it?

    Hi Pat,
    Me, too!

  7. I like sister of the quill, too. I am a poor quill driver searching for just the right words.

  8. Oh, I love all of those: scribe, schrivener, and quill driver. And "Sister of the Quill" just gives me shivers. Love your creative posts.

  9. Hi Janet and Tammy,
    Sister of the quill seems to be the most popular title.

  10. I love it! Let's all be Sisters of the Quill, Donna. Now we need to come up with a better way of saying fellow writer. Hmm... any suggestions?

  11. Hi Clara,
    Okay. It's official. All my followers are Sisters of the Quill. That gives me an idea to make up a blog award. I'm going to work on that one.


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