Monday, October 4, 2010

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Snooki Has a Book Deal

You might have noticed I haven't posted since last week. This time of the year is a gloomy time for me, and I find it hard to get motivated to write, especially something uplifting or cheerful.

Another reason I'm in a funk is because of yet another seemingly undeserved publishing deal.

Generally I'm happy when writers get published. It's a cause for celebration, especially if it's someone I know or a celebrity I want to know more about.

But not all publishing deals are reason to pump your fist in the air.

Last week I read that in 2011 Simon & Schuster's Galley Press imprint will publish a book "written" by MTV's “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. There's a brief article about it in the Wall Street Journal, which you can read here.

Seriously? Who knew Snooki could write?

Well, at least she can read. Wait. What?

According to news reports, Snooki has only read two books--"Twilight" and "Dear John."

Maybe she's a fast learner. After all, she is famous for her gig on MTV, with her poofy hairdo, fake tan, long nails, and fist pumping skills. Snooki has been spoofed by "Saturday Night Live" and has appeared on late night talk shows. She even taught David Letterman how to do the fist pump. She seems like a personable young "lady," but I wonder about her writing skills. No doubt she will have a ghost writer and lots of editing help.

About now I'm probably sounding like sour grapes. Speaking of grapes, I could've used a glass of wine after reading the news about her book deal.

What I find discouraging is that I have many friends who are great writers with manuscripts that deserve to be published, but for whatever reason cannot. They are the ones who should be getting book contracts. They get passed over, yet someone who reportedly has only read two books is getting a deal from a major publisher.

(Note: I write articles, essays, reviews, and short stories. I have never completed an entire manuscript, so it's not jealousy on my part over Snooki's book deal. Really. Well, maybe just a little.)

Time will tell about the success of Snooki's book deal.

I guess there can be a couple outcomes. Writers like me will have to deal with it--or maybe after Simon & Schuster publishes her book and not many people buy it, they'll be the ones who'll get snookered.


  1. I think a ghost-writer will make a bundle off her. I agree with you totally!

  2. Aggh. . .another celebrity who clearly won't be writing her book gets another publishing deal. But looking at it postively, if it does sell, and no doubt it will judging by the volume of celebrity books we sell, it is helping to keep the publisher afloat. And maybe, just maybe, they will then take on one of those talented writers who really do deserve a book deal.

  3. Love that "snookered" line! :)
    Take care, Donna.

  4. Hi Terri,
    That's a good way to look at it. Work for a ghost writer.

  5. Hi Ellie,
    Another positive attitude. I like that. If a publisher makes money it stays in business.

  6. Hi Madeline,
    Thanks. With writers, it's the words that count.

  7. Donna---

    I can't imagine why you aren't planning on running out the day the book is out, so you can get it hot off the presses...I think she is a fascinating, talented woman, and I am looking forward to reading what she has to say. (Just kidding!)

    I agree. It is disheartening. Whoever thinks life is always fair only has to look at Snooki's book deal for proof they are wrong...

  8. I'm with you Donna. We commomners work so hard at our craft and then you get some little snookie who doesn't know snot and the world goes ga-ga for her 'book'. Puhlease. Our day will come.

  9. your post and totally agree with you....especially the part about grapes and needing wine!!....How about needing "wine" in order to "whine" about the little *#%^*@# no-talent getting a book deal! I'll join you on both! Hey, let's have a party to celebrate??!!

  10. Ditto to all of the above. To say it is frustrating does not even begin to cover it. I felt the same way when Madonna decided she was a children's book author. You're right about another thing, could help! :)

  11. Yeah, it's a little scary to think of Snookie with an author credit. But the publisher must have run the numbers and figures to make a profit. And the idea of thousands of folks reading about Snookie is REALLY scary.


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