Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cave Hollow Press Open for Submissions from Midwestern Writers

Hey all you Midwestern writers, here's an opportunity to get your manuscript published by Cave Hollow Press.

Cave Hollow Press was established in June 2001 to publish great writing by authors from Missouri and the surrounding region. Several years ago I had a short mystery story included in an anthology published by Cave Hollow and was pleased with the results.

According to their website, Cave Hollow Press is actively seeking full length adult mainstream or experimental novels. Character driven novels are a plus.

Cave Hollow Press accepts ONLY queries and manuscripts from authors who live or have lived in the Midwest states of the United States of America.

Send queries to: G. B. Crump at gbcrump@cavehollowpress.com

In the subject line of the email: Query/Title/Author Name.

For complete submission guidelines visit their submission page: Cave Hollow Press.


  1. Thanks for this info Donna. You are so in the know!

  2. Great info, Donna! Well, I live in the right area, but if it's not for a short story or essay, I Got Nothin'! Thanks, though!! :)

  3. Hi Linda and Becky,
    You are both welcome. A writing friend forwarded it to me, so I'm sharing the love.


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