Thursday, December 17, 2009

Summerfield G. Roberts Award

Today in St. Peters, MO: Partly cloudy, high 49 degrees. Not a bad day to put a dent in my Christmas shopping.

Here's an interesting writing competition from the Lone Star State. If you've ever lived in Texas, you know it is a state like no other. Walt completed his basic training at Lackland AFB outside of San Antonio in 1967, and our family lived in El Paso in the mid 80s when he and I both worked as civilian employees for the Army at Fort Bliss. Living in Texas was a memorable experience for us and our children.

Back to the award: The Summerfield G. Roberts Award is presented by Sons of the Republic of Texas to encourage literary effort and research about historical events and personalities during the days of the Republic of Texas (1836-1846).

In Texas, they do things big--the cash award of $2,500 is for manuscripts written or published during the calendar year for which the award is given. The award is made possible through the generosity of the late Mr. and Mrs. Summerfield G. Roberts of Dallas.

Manuscripts may be fiction, nonfiction, poems, essays, plays, short stories, novels, or biographies. The competition is open to writers everywhere. Deadline is Jan 15. For complete guidelines and to find out more about the Summerfield G. Roberts Award, visit their website. Good luck, y'all.


  1. While in high school, I spent a month during the summer with a friend in Fort Worth. Loved the cowboy hats and all the "horsiness" of the area. I got to ride a champion barrel racer and impressed the heck out of myself when I didn't fall off.

  2. Yippie-yi-o! That's a great contest, Donna, and now I'm gonna git along my little doggies over to check it out.

    (P.S. I was born in Texas and lived in Arlington till I was nearly 8. Dang, it was hot in Texas! And BIG, too :-)

  3. Hey Cathy,
    Some of my cousins live in Arlington. We call them the "Texas" Dulys, as opposed to the "St. Louis" Dulys (that's my family), and then there are the "Chicago Dulys" (who spell their last name Dooley, but that's another story). Aren't families fun?
    Good luck!


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