Monday, December 21, 2009

River Styx - Fourth Annual Schlafly Beer Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest

Mostly cloudy, high 35 degrees. There's still a dusting of snow on the grass.

The Fourth Annual Schlafly Beer Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest wants your best micro-fiction. Compete to win a $1,500 First Prize plus one case of micro-brewed Schlafly Beer!
Rules: 500 words maximum per story, up to three stories per entry.
$20 entry fee also buys one year subscription to River Styx. Include name and address on cover letter only. Entrants notified by S.A.S.E. Winners published in April issue. River Styx editors will select winners. All stories considered for publication. Send stories and S.A.S.E. by December 31st to:
River Styx's Schlafly Beer Micro-fiction Contest
3547 Olive Street, Suite 107
St. Louis, MO 63103
The photo of the "boat dude" is from the River Styx website, where you can find complete details.

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