Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Frolics

Today's forecast for St. Peters, MO: Chance of thumderstorms, high 65 degrees. "Tra-la, it's May . . ." That's part of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs in Camelot. May is a lovely month, but the last day of April wasn't too shabby either.

Yesterday afternoon my granddaughter Cari and four friends who are eighth-grade students at All Saints, put on their wigs, zipped up their dresses, laced their shoes, and hid in a back room until they were announced to perform a few of their favorite Irish dance steps.
(Brigid, Abbie, Cari, Ms. Kielty, Devin, and Hannah)
Abbie and Brigid danced a soft-shoe Irish reel. Devin, Hannah, and Cari danced a hard-shoe Treble Jig, and for their finale, all five girls danced a lively Treble Reel. The ceremony was in honor of Ms. Rae Ann Kielty, a former nun, who began her career in Catholic education forty years ago--thirty years as a principal, and twenty years as principal at All Saints.

In addition to the girls performing their Irish dances, other students sang, recited poetry, and presented flowers. Some former students dropped in for a surprise visit, and family members and close friends were in attendance. A representative from the Archdiocese of St. Louis presented Ms. Kielty with a letter of commendation from the Superintendent.

The teachers and faculty also got into the "act" by dressing up like nuns (including one of the male teachers) and singing and dancing in a "Sister Act" skit. To say the event was lots of fun, is an understandment.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pix! The girls look adorable!

  2. HAHAHA! Why is nun humor so funny?

    Congrats on editing that anthology, too, Donna. Sounds like an impressive bunch of writers!

  3. Hi Pat,
    The girls did such a great job. They were nervous because they were performing in front of their friends, but they were spectacular.

    Hi Cathy,
    I don't know why nun humor is so funny. Their last song was "Shout!" and all the kids--and adults--were standing and shouting.
    Thanks for the comments about the antholody. It's humbling, but also very cool, to have my name associated with a project that includes so many award-winning writers and poets.


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