Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing Contest - Are You the Next Mark Twain?

Today's forecast for St. Peters, MO: Partly cloudy, high 70 degrees. That's what I like to hear!

Here's an intriguing writing contest I ran across on Alan Rinzler's blog, The Book Deal: An Inside View of Publishing.
The contest is being featured to coincide with the publication of the book Who Is Mark Twain? by HarperStudio. (The photo on the left of Mark Twain, one of Missouri's most famous writers, is from the HarperStudio website.)
For the contest, writers are asked to finish Twain's piece "Conversations with Satan" and submit their entry through an online form. The contest ends May 31st, so get writing! For complete details, visit the site and read the rules.
Good luck!


  1. In answer to your title/question...don't I wish!!

  2. Hi Pat,
    If you enter the contest, you might be surprised!

  3. Donna, Thanks for the info on the contests! Great idea for a theme week. :)

    Margo Dill

  4. Hi Margo,
    Theme week?
    Oh no, I better come up with some ideas for more contests for the rest of the week! Quick!

  5. I am all over this! Love Twain.

  6. Hey Tricia,
    I can see you writing in his style.
    He's one of my favorites, too, and not just because he's from Hannibal (my mom's and her folks' birthplace)--although that's another reason to like him.


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